Defkalion Video

A video from Defkalion. This appears to be the bare Hyperion at the centre of the company’s invite to testers. I can’t watch it now (poor signal) and so I await comments.

Better LENR News From Greece

The Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies Global Ltd. (PDGT) firm that was and then wasn’t a partner with Andrea Rossi in marketing the E-Cat LENR reactor has announced the permitting of third party evaluations of their product named “Hyperion”.  PDGT had for a time an opportunity to learn what Rossi has accomplished and since is proposing […]

Defkalion Invites Additional Independent Tests

In its November press release, Defkalion GT promised to release details of independent tests that would be conducted in the first months of 2012. Today on their forum, they invite additional tests over and above those already promised. Twin Hyperions will be connected in parallel to the mains with relevant parameters (temp, pressure) data-logged to […]

Hyperion: Electric Appliance/Boiler

It comes as no surprise that Defkalion is hoping to sneak its Hyperion system through certification using a classification likely to give it least trouble. Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:16 pm Engineer May I ask under which product group you will seek CE certification? Is it “Hot-Water Boilers”? Re: CE Certification Defkalion GT As […]

eCat Cost To Half In One Year

A questioner on AR’s blog tries to break the quiet spell and gets us some minor intel to chew on. This is always welcome. We learn that AR sees a drop in the current price of 2K Euro per kW to 1K Euro within a year. Considering his prediction is for domestic units at 400 […]

Online Real-Time Mass Spec Hyperion

There is some discussion on the wire about Defkalion’s mass spectrometer comment. The following is taken from their spec sheet. Defkalion GT is an industrial company and not an academic or research institute with a role to state, prove and reject theories; as such, we recognize that products do not need to be based on […]

Defkalion Caught In a Clear Lie?

There’s an instructive discussion going on at the moment in Defkalion’s forum. A damning reference dredged up from the past, paints DGT in a bad light. From nocompromises:   The following are facts according to what Defkfalion told the Swedish magazine NyTeknik. Fact #1 – In July of Defkalion started thinking of developing it’s own […]

NY Teknik Update On Defkalion

In an interview with Ny Teknik,  Alexandros Xanthoulis, representing the owners of Defkalion, stated that:Defkalion started to think of developing its own technology in July 2011 12 Hyperion prototypes are now running.The factory of 11,000…

Psst! Wanna Buy A Hyperion?

Interesting exchange going on at Defkalion’s forum at the moment. Aussie Guy previously posted comments here on eCatNews.com and Vortex keeping us informed about his attempts to buy a 100kW eCat from AR. AR declined as he is concentrating on 1MW plants for now. Aussie Guy then started negotiating on behalf of his company for […]

The Defkalion Triangle: Proof – Ownership – Certification

A new Ny Teknik article has an interesting quote from Defkalion. Multiple sources told Ny Teknik that they have received such offers [testing and certification] and that they are interested. They have also stated that such tests should have been performed already in October 2011, but that they have been postponed several times. Xanthoulis gave […]

2nd Commercial Cold Fusion Generator Planned for 2012 Release

Note: This article has been updated several times. Apologies to all. It is an effect of the digital environment that nothing can be known (Jean Baudrillard and Bob). A second commercial product based on cold fusion technology is planned for release next year. Yesterday Praxen-Defkalion Green Technologies released a Technical Specifications Sheet detailing elements of … Continue reading 2nd Commercial Cold Fusion Generator Planned for 2012 Release