ICCF 18 Conference Coming Up

The University of Missouri, partnered with Purdue University, is hosting the ICCF-18, or, The 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion. This year’s conference will be held from July 21 through July 27, 2013. The last conference was held last August in South Korea, and in India for the first time in 2011. The first conference […]

‘Mega Blog’ Outlines MFMP Plans

In what Bob Greenyer characterizes as probably the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s most important blog entry to date, the MFMP team outlines a plan of action. Some key aspects of the post: An explanation that Celani’s experiment at NI…

MFMP Update on Calibration Testing

A new video has been posted by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Fund in which one of the MFMP’s facilitators, Tyler van Houwelingen, visits the Hunt Utilities Group’s lab in Minnesota where one of the Celani replication cells is being built….

Defkalion Settles in Canada

Several months ago, I posted an article asking the question Can Defkalion Survive the Greek Crisis?  To summarize, I explored the obstacles that Defkalion Green Technologies faced starting a commercial enterprise in a country in the midst of economic turmoil and rising social unrest.  This would certainly be problematic for any new enterprise, but especially so … Continue reading Defkalion Settles in Canada

Celani video and Defkalion interview.

Short of time today, I just thought I would post a couple of items here. First is a video of Francesco Celani at at ICCF-17 in Korea talking about his nickel wire LENR device. You may need to concentrate a little to understand his English through his h…

Celani’s Patent Describes Material Prep

The following patent explains Francesco Celani’s method for preparing his Ni-coated wires (and other forms) to better adsorb hydrogen. I cannot be certain this is the state of the art as used to process the materials in the recent NI and ICCF-17 demos but I notice a number of potential replicators requesting information on this […]


Longtime LENR researcher, now LENR+ advocate (read further to know the difference) operating from Cluj, Romania, Peter Gluck has published an interesting sequence of observations and suggestions on the process of bringing a newly discovered phenomenon into a usable technology for the betterment of humankind, and how those involved in that process may operate to … Continue reading Peter Gluck: INSPIRED BY DEFKALION: THE TORTUOUS WAY TOWARD LENR STANDARDS

What It Will Take

I was glad to learn of the initiative started by the attendees of the ICCF-17 conference regarding the replication of a cold fusion cell that will show once and for all to the world that we are dealing with a new reality in terms of energy production. …


The Seventeenth International Conference on Cold Fusion, or ICCF-17, ended just 2 days ago, and there was, by all accounts, some exciting news at the conference. Held in Daijeon, Korea, the ICCF-17 featured…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy…