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Discovery News misinforms on cold fusion again

The recent article 5 Reasons Cold Fusion is Bunk published on Discovery.com News continues the misinformation and serious inaccuracies that make clear mainstream media’s ignorance of a new discovery that offers a solution to our energy problems. The article does not clearly discern the five distinct reasons that cold fusion cannot occur, but objections appear … Continue reading Discovery News misinforms on cold fusion again

E-Cat: cosa cambiera’ dopo la pubblicazione del nuovo report?

Era gia’ tutto previsto. La pubblicazione dell’ormai famoso report predisposto da parti indipendenti dopo aver svolto dei test sull’Hot Cat ha innescato una nuova ondata di commenti sull’invenzione di Andrea Rossi. Il fatto poi che i risultati dei test siano positivi e confermino quanto sostenuto da Rossi in questi anni ha creato una frattura ancora […]

Wired Publishes Cold Fusion Review

A new article entitled “Cold fusion: smoke and mirrors, or raising a head of steam?” written by David Hambling has been published in Wired.co.uk about the current state of affairs in the world of cold fusion/LENR. For those who have been fo…

E-Cat Test No Money Can Buy

By now the entire online media related to the ECat has been buzzing about the $1 million offer Andrea Rossi received from Dick Smith, in order to do an E-Cat re-test of the…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

No eCat Research For University Of Bologna

For the last six months, many of us have been waiting in hope for the promised research contract between Andrea Rossi’s company and The University of Bologna to be actioned. The lure of independent tests coupled with the long association with the academic bastion through Professors Focardi and Levi lent a level of credibility to […]


So much has been written of the Energy Catalyser of late that it’s becoming harder to discern any real credible and noteworthy news – to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.I’ve withheld any recent posts to this modest blog as I feel i…

Rossi on NASA; Defkalion Speaks

A couple of interesting details have just come to light in the continuing E-Cat story. Yesterday Steven B. Krivit posted on his New Energy Times site that a research team from NASA, along with representatives from an investment group visited Rossi’s Bologna premises in early September. Krivit writes “The team went there with an explicit …

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