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Krivit’s second report: Rossi evades scientific debate

For those who were wondering whether New Energy Times editor Steven Krivit was willing to burn his bridges with Andrea Rossi, the answer is an apparent “yes”. Krivit’s first report provoked a heated response from Rossi, who accused him of industrial espionage on behalf of an Italian competitor. Krivit’s second report, recently released, will likely … Continue reading Krivit’s second report: Rossi evades scientific debate

Query interviews Giuseppe Levi

Query, the official journal of the Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CICAP), has a new interview with University of Bologna Department of Physics professor Giuseppe Levi. The interview covers New Energy Times journalist Steven Krivit’s controversial visit to Bologna, written documentation of the university’s E-Cat tests, and the university’s new […]