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Ampenergo Not Dead? – Updated

Updated I post this here for information, leaving it to readers more qualified than I to read the tealeaves. On the surface, Ampenergo – Andrea Rossi’s eCat partner for The Americas – is no longer in business. How likely is this to be an error? Could such a situation be a result of clerical negligence […]

Andrea Rossi Talks of E-Cat Surprises

In some recent comments on his JONP website, Andrea Rossi mentions that he aims to surprise with the E-Cat. Some of the recent pieces of information that he has imparted are have been fascinating and it seems to be Rossi’s intention to spark and …

Hydrofusion 1 MW E-Cat Sales Brochure

Hydrofusion, the UK-based company which has been given the rights by Leonardo Corporation to resell E-Cat products in Northern Europe has published a sales brochure marketing the 1 MW E-Cat plant. It provides an overview of the 1 MW plant and quotes fr…

Rossi Appoints eCat.com As Official eCat Site

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This appeared on eCat.com: ECAT.com appointed Andrea Rossi’s Official ECAT Website Today, in a mutual agreement with Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corporation, ECAT.com has been appointed the Official ECAT Website. Hydro Fusion is truly honored by Andrea Rossi’s request to appoint its domain ECAT.com as the Official ECAT Website of Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corporation and […]

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