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ECAT.com – Cold Fusion Revolution

Finally, as expected, a professionally designed website for Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology has emerged. The main page states "In Association with Andrea Rossi". When asked if he has an official relationship with this site, Rossi responded: &…

National Instruments and Cold Fusion? – Forbes

According to a posting on the blog Free Energy Truth, the first client for Andrea Rossi’e E-Cat system (which I discussed here, here, and here) is Austin, Texas, based National Instruments. This revelation follows a posting yesterday on the Pure Energy Systems News…

First Commercial Cold Fusion Steam Heat Generator For Sale

Order your Energy Catalyzer today! It is the first thermal energy generator to be powered by the reaction between hydrogen and the metal nickel based on two-decades of research that began when Drs. Fleischmann and Pons announced cold fusion in 1989. Essentially a hot-water boiler, the generator creates steam heat. Currently, coal-fired power plants create … Continue reading First Commercial Cold Fusion Steam Heat Generator For Sale

Steam Punk

Our greatest blessings come by way of madness, indeed of a madness that is heaven-sent. –‘Socrates’ on the Oracle of Delphi in Phaedo A test of the first commercial cold fusion technology held on October 6 at the University of Bologna, Italy continues to draw debate on just how much excess heat was generated. Excess … Continue reading Steam Punk