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Catalyzer description at new Leonardo-ecat website

Rossi has a new website http://www.leonardo-ecat.com

The site has the involvement of Hank Mills and Sterling of PESN (Pure Energy Systems Network).

The site has descriptions of how the energy catalyzer is supposed to work, the 1 MW unit and an upcoming 5 KW version.

Leonardo Corporation is offering one megawatt E-Cat plants for sale, that are capable of producing hot water, or low temperature steam.

These plants consume small quantities of nickel powder and hydrogen gas, to produce vast amounts of continual power – up to one megawatt of output in the form of heat. They require infrequent refueling (once every six months), and can operate 24 hours a day, regardless of weather conditions or external environmental conditions. In addition, they emit no pollution, do not release any radiation, and do not utilize any radioactive or hazardous substances.

The one megawatt plants offered can operate with a “drive” (continual input power) that is a fraction of the output power, or in a “self sustained” mode. In the self sustained mode, a one megawatt plant can operate at full power, while consuming a miniscule amount of electricity to operate fans, pumps and radio frequency generators. These radio frequency generators help stabilize and sustain the nuclear processes, so the reactor can continue functioning with almost zero input.

An auxiliary power source of 250 kW will be needed to start up the plant, bringing the resistive heaters up to temperature.