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Sterling Allan Interviews Mats Lewan

Sterling Allan of PESN has conducted an interview on his This Week in Free Energy radio program with Swedish technology journalist Mats Lewan, well known follower of LENR and E-Cat news. Allan and Lewan spend most of the program discussing the report p…

E-Cat Report Released

The long awaited independent report on the E-Cat has surfacedIt’s here.It’s positive.With the 32 days of testing on the device the energy production results are positive – the COP factor is between 3.2 to 3.6 with temperature runs of 1260 degrees C …

John Maguire Interviews Mats Lewan

Here’s an interesting interview conducted by John Maquire with Mats Lewan, Swedish technology journalist and author of An Impossible Invention, the recently published book about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat. It’s 41 minutes long, and well wor…

Mats Lewan Interview: E-Cat, Andrea Rossi, & An Impossible Invention

Journalist Mats Lewan requires little introduction for most people familiar with the Andrea Rossi story, but just in case here is a quick summary for the uninitiated: Mats holds a masters degree in physics, and is recognized as a world-renowned science & technology reporter. He writes for the Swedish newspaper NyTeknik, where he has been covering both cold fusion … Continue reading Mats Lewan Interview: E-Cat, Andrea Rossi, & An Impossible Invention

“An Impossible Invention” review by Brian Josephson

Nobel laureate Dr. Brian Josephson commented on Nature with a review of Mats Lewan‘s new book An Impossible Invention, chronicling the early work of Andrea Rossi, engineer and inventor of the Energy Catalyzer, or Ecat. The Ecat is a commercial steam generator based on nickel-hydrogen exothermic reactions that is now in development. Lewan had a … Continue reading “An Impossible Invention” review by Brian Josephson