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Starting 2012 with Cold Fusion 101

A new short course on cold fusion science and technology sponsored by the Engineering and Computer Science departments at Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be held in January 2012 during institute’s Independent Activities Period. Designed for MIT students, Cold Fusion 101: Introduction to Excess Power in Fleischmann-Pons Experiments addresses the early history of cold fusion … Continue reading Starting 2012 with Cold Fusion 101

News, Rumour & Dr Steven Chu

Some time ago, there was a rumour going around about US Energy Secretary, Dr. Steven Chu. As MIT hosted the 2011 Colloquium on LANR/CF, a report in The Explorer claimed that Dr Chu was looking at Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions (cold fusion). The article appeared to link this ‘fact’ with the MIT gig and many […]

Chu is interested

Our esteemed Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu recently made comments in supporting the intention of bringing LENR/Cold Fusion research and developments to the table.This will “level the playing field” and focus funding and development in creatin…

Energy Secretary Chu “looking” at LANR/CF.

Dr. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy is looking at Lattice-assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR) Cold Fusion as a part of implementing President Obama’s ambitious agenda to invest in clean energy, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, address the global climate crisis, and create millions of new jobs. This weekend at (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, […]

Andrea Rossi on E-Cat Validation

A recent post up from the Cold Fusion “Andrea Rossi” Method Facebook page – “Does E-Cat need a “validation”? – Rossi responds to the everyday requests which he receives for independent validation and fears of industrial espionage: “Here is the inventor Andrea Rossi answering to Mr Frank on the Journal of Nuclear phisics about a … Continue reading Andrea Rossi on E-Cat Validation