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A Sober Look At 1MW eCat Clues

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UPDATED  [As people explain away some of these observations, I will edit this post until we are left with the unexplained – Thus I have ammended Fox’s comment about the customer being an ‘N’ word. I have also removed a photo of two young men who I thought had a military bearing. That was nonsense. […]

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Rossi on NASA; Defkalion Speaks

A couple of interesting details have just come to light in the continuing E-Cat story. Yesterday Steven B. Krivit posted on his New Energy Times site that a research team from NASA, along with representatives from an investment group visited Rossi’s Bologna premises in early September. Krivit writes “The team went there with an explicit …

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Rossi/NASA, Recent Rumors…

In recent days the latest rumors swirling around have been connecting Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat with NASA. Here are a few links below to share regarding commentary on this rumored connection. http://pesn.com/2011/09/06/9501909_More_Uncertainty_as_Ni-H_Cold_Fusion_Launches_Near/ http://www.e-catworld.com/2011/09/october-approaches-with-rumors-that-rossi-will-soon-start-testing-at-nasa/#utm_source=feed&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=feed And here is a comment from a Rossi Facebook page alleging communication via email from Andrea who seemingly dispelled the rumor, … Continue reading Rossi/NASA, Recent Rumors…

Andrea Rossi Agrees to NASA Test of the E-Cat

Brian Wang at NextBigFuture.com notes that Armando de Para posted on http://www.energeticambiente.it/  “Rossi ha accettato di effettuare delle prove presso i laboratori NASA, cominciano dopodomani, il 3 settembre”.  Which translates in English to, “Rossi has agreed to carry out tests at the laboratories of NASA, beginning tomorrow, September 3.”  Mr Wang credits Giuliano Bettini at […]

NASA To Test E-Cat?

Source: Indipendent eCat News
With thanks to Ransompw in the comments section, we learn of a rumour about NASA testing Rossi’s eCat starting tomorrow. As with all rumours, we have to be careful. It could be completely untrue. That said, the sources have given good information in the past (Roy Virgilio, an associate of Piantelli and Daniele Passerini from the 22passi blog, a friend of Professor Levi).

In progress : an analysis of the E-Cat Steam Quality.


By Alan Fletcher

1. Abstract

The issue of Steam Quality greatly impacts the calculations on the actual excess energy.

This issue is extensively analyzed by Steven B. Krivit in New Energy Times Issue 37

In particular, Appendix 9: NASA Electrical-Power-Only Steam Analysis reviews the performance of the eCat in relation to an Temperature-Entropy diagram, and states that the Steam quality could be any value between 0 and 1, so that the total output power could be anywhere between 770 W (NO excess energy), to slightly above Rossi’s claimed value of 4900 W.

E-cat Home Validation By NASA

Andrea Rossi has always been an optimist in the promise of the e-cat home device. He has also said that there are already some e-cat home device operational in US and Italy. However, he has never really presented more than just tests to Krivit and othe…