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NASA Open to Facilitate E-CAT Reviews

Interests on LENR energy research has just recently been revived due to Rossi and his e-cat device resulting to diverse e-cat reviews. The technology certainly has flaws given its new nature but Rossi so claims that there are already 300 functioning de…

La rivoluzione dell’ E-Cat

Quelli meno giovani come me si ricorderanno che oltre vent’anni fa, e precisamente nel 1989, gli scienziati americani Fleischmann e Pons rivelarono al mondo di essere riusciti a realizzare la cosiddetta ‘fusione nucleare fredda’. Non era vero, ma la notizia suscitò un enorme interesse in tutto il mondo ed il motivo era più che ovvio: nasceva la speranza di poter produrre energia pulita a basso costo e in grandi quantità nella più assoluta sicurezza e senza il problema dell’ eliminazione delle scorie radioattive.

Rossi’s Self Sustaining One Megawatt Reactor

Source:Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network

Among the breaking news items about Andrea Rossi’s cold fusion E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology is the announcement that the one megawatt reactor launching this October will likely self sustain with no external input power. Clarification on recent NASA meeting.

Rossi Flirts With NASA

Answering a question on his blog about the meeting at NASA we learn that Andrea Rossi was in attendance and that the organisation was forearmed with ‘thorough information’. It is easy to let the imagination run away with such scant detail. It may or may not be significant but it does leave a warm and […]

Rossi Meets With “Extremely High Level” NASA Scientists, Will “Work Together” on E-Cat Technology

An article in Ecatreport recently revealed that there was a meeting between representatives of NASA, Ampenergo and Defkalion GT on July 14th. Andrea Rossi was asked if he could provide information about this meeting on his site and today provided the following response: I am not authorized to give this information. I can only say …

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Nuova intervista a rossi

05/07/11, Andrea Rossi in Svezia – fonte http://ecatreport.com/ Qualche giorno fa, l’11 (qui) e 12 luglio (qui) il blogger – credo svedese – di ecatreport.com ha pubblicato in due parti una intervista ad Andrea Rossi che si pone come buon riepilogo di tante questioni aperte sull’E-Cat. Grazie ad Alex Passi(che collabora con 22passi.blogspot.com) che ne […]

Ecatreport: Defkalion GT and Ampenergo to Meet with NASA to Discuss E-Cat Development

Ecatreport recently met with Andrea Rossi and conducted an interview regarding about his E-Cat technology and the upcoming launch of his technology. Rossi brings up many interesting details which explain how he, along with his commercial partners Defkalion and Ampenergo are positioning themselves to rapidly introduce E-Cat technology. While Defkalion and Ampenergo have exclusive rights …

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Another Andrea Rossi Interview

EV World, the journal behind NASA’s Dennis Bushnell interview has followed up with a 30 minute talk with Andrea Rossi. These near-hand accounts are great, making the man behind the hype flesh and putting flesh on our understanding of the eCat and AR’s claims.

Some takeaways are as follows:

  • Andrea Rossi was one of many who tried and failed to replicate the Pons & Fleischmann result in 1989
  • Although unsuccessful, it sowed a seed in his mind
  • He is happy with the term LENR
  • Until 2007, he experimented around the subject as he ran other businesses
  • Reaching a critical point, he needed to decide if it was worth the risk of concentrating full time – 16 hours a day
  • He asked Prof Focardi to look at his ideas and tell him why it would not work
  • Prof Focardi could not do so
  • At this point (July 2007) he decided to try make a useful product
  • Knowing that if it worked there would be radiation, he hired Prof Focardi as a safety measure
  • Focardi did this and also helped him understand how to thermalize the operational radiation
  • He built a 20KW device and installed it in his factory, heating it for around a year ( 5 months are cold and winter is v cold)
  • The factory is now sold along with everything else to fund the energy catalyser project
  • After recharging, ‘spent’ Ni is sold to dealers for normal use
  • If all world’s energy was made with eCat, it would only consume some percentage point of current annual Ni production
  • No foreseeable showstoppers
  • Hopes for exponential development, liking that to the growth of the computer industry from a business tool in 1995 to the proliferation throughout the world where households began to buy them
  • The cost of $1,000 to $2,000 per KW facility and $0.01 per KWH should help make this the game-changer Dennis Bushnell talked of

The mp3 file is here and the EV World article here.

Andrea Rossi Interview 2

The second part of ecatreport’s interview is posted and once more we get some interesting highlights:   The Hyperion can have up to 5 eCats in it (4-5KW each) giving a conservative product range of about 4-20KW The bulk of applications have not been developed yet 1MW plant (in 20′ container) weighs 5 tonnes Looking […]