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Cold Fusion

As Andrea Rossi continues to deny ‘science’ the opportunity to verify his claims, it is instructive to study an example of that process as seen through the lens of a scientist. The following ‘article’ is brilliant, taking the form of a stepwise journey through the original Pons & Fleischmann announcement to its castigation as ‘bad […]

Fusione Fredda di Piantelli-Focardi-Rossi. L’E-Cat funziona! Parola della NASA

Sono sempre più basito dalle notizie (tra l’altro centellinate) inerenti l’ Energy Catalyzer, il reattore scoperto da Piantelli e Focardi (e migliorato dall’ Ing. Rossi). Si parla di Fusione Fredda, altri parlano di LENR. Sono felice e mi fa ben sperare che scienziati e luminari abbiano smesso di chiedersi: funziona oppure no?  Ora le discussioni […]

Chu is interested

Our esteemed Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu recently made comments in supporting the intention of bringing LENR/Cold Fusion research and developments to the table.This will “level the playing field” and focus funding and development in creatin…

Rossi’s E-Cat

NASA comments on Ni-H LENRNASA now says that they have confirmed Piantelli-Focardi’s pioneeringLENR work in low energy nuclear reaction. Although they eliminatedRossi’s name from this. Possibly, because he’s getting closer to theactual marketing of thi…