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Discovery News misinforms on cold fusion again

The recent article 5 Reasons Cold Fusion is Bunk published on Discovery.com News continues the misinformation and serious inaccuracies that make clear mainstream media’s ignorance of a new discovery that offers a solution to our energy problems. The article does not clearly discern the five distinct reasons that cold fusion cannot occur, but objections appear … Continue reading Discovery News misinforms on cold fusion again

E-Cat: cosa cambiera’ dopo la pubblicazione del nuovo report?

Era gia’ tutto previsto. La pubblicazione dell’ormai famoso report predisposto da parti indipendenti dopo aver svolto dei test sull’Hot Cat ha innescato una nuova ondata di commenti sull’invenzione di Andrea Rossi. Il fatto poi che i risultati dei test siano positivi e confermino quanto sostenuto da Rossi in questi anni ha creato una frattura ancora […]

Wired Publishes Cold Fusion Review

A new article entitled “Cold fusion: smoke and mirrors, or raising a head of steam?” written by David Hambling has been published in Wired.co.uk about the current state of affairs in the world of cold fusion/LENR. For those who have been fo…

Honoring Martin Fleischmann

Obituaries The Telegraph New York Times Los Angeles Times Salt Lake Tribune Washington Post Philadelphia Inquirer reprint Peter Svensson Associated Press Too many obituaries like these continue the myth: that cold fusion is a phenomenon imagined in the minds of lesser scientists. (A shriekingly loud wailing erupts) Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgghgghhhhh! O my peoples! Let us correct this … Continue reading Honoring Martin Fleischmann

Martin Fleischmann leaves brilliant legacy of courage in pursuit of truth

“Martin was probably the greatest scientist that I have ever known… I believe that eventually truth will win out. I don’t know how long it might take, but eventually Martin will be honored by many for his great scientific work in the cold fusion field.” —Dr. Melvin Miles “The world is slowly, but inexorably, moving … Continue reading Martin Fleischmann leaves brilliant legacy of courage in pursuit of truth