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Who invented the ECAT?

The ECAT was invented by the Italian engineer named Andrea Rossi who has spent his entire professional career in the energy production field. For many years he was trying various combinations of fuels and reactor geometri…

New book describes how E-Cats are made

A collection of articles by Robert Ventola has been published as a book “HOT-CAT 2.0: How last generation E-Cats are made” co-authored with Vessela Nikolova. Vessela Nikolova is the author of the biography of Andrea Rossi E-Cat The New Fire. According to her blog, Robert Ventola is a contributor and electrical engineer. The book is … Continue reading New book describes how E-Cats are made

Edmund Storms’ “The Explanation of LENR” provides “physical science based model”

Graphic: Artist rendition by Ruby Carat of Edmund Storms’ hydroton structure just before fusion. A new book by Edmund Storms reviews the top contenders for the scientific prize of the century, the theory of cold fusion, and analyzes the assumptions on which each different model rests with the critical glare of the scientific method. The … Continue reading Edmund Storms’ “The Explanation of LENR” provides “physical science based model”

Math Lessons – Prof. Sergio Focardi


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These pages have been given to me from Prof. Sergio Focardi, when I asked him to help me with math to set up my theory.
These pages have been very important to me and I hope will be as much useful to our readers.
This way, Prof. Focardi continues to teach.
Andrea […]

98 Year Old Still Advises Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi expressed his regrets over the loss of his friend and advisor, Sergio Focardi, a few weeks ago. Although Mr. Focardi had semi-retired, he was still a frequent advisor to the developments in E-Cat and Hot Cat technology. Mr. Rossi often said that when he had issues with safety of the devices, Mr. Focardi […]

USA Factory Is “Magnificent”

Andrea Rossi is “riding high” after the release of the third party reports. Those reports, so long delayed yet much anticipated, declared that his technology is “an order of magnitude” greater than any other alternative energy available today. This has prompted Mr. Rossi and his U.S partner to move forward with renewed zest in developing […]