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Rossi Speaks About Focardi

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Thomas Florek recently placed a link to an interview with Andrea Rossi. The interview was done earlier this year, and is a one on one interview with the inventor that iw well produced. Of the interview, Mr. Rossi said that it was “excellent work”. In the interview, Mr. Florek […]

RIP Sergio Focardi

For the last 5 years, Sergio Focardi and Andrea Rossi have worked together to produce a science that few people would admit existed – the science of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. Just as…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

In ricordo…

Sergio Focardi (1932-2013), al centro con l’amico e compagno di studi Carlo Rubbia 

Rossi ha appena confermato la morte del suo amico Sergio Focardi… Grazie di tutto. | Il mio profondo rispetto e stima per sergio focardi, grazie. | Ovviamente nn…

Sergio Focardi in Remembrance

Video by Ecat.com Sergio Focardi: This is an energy revolution Physicist Sergio Focardi of University of Bologna has crossed over. He was part of an early group that included Fracesco Piantelli and Roberto Habel who pioneered the generation of excess heat from Flesichmann-Pons cells using light-water and the metal nickel. He inspired and worked closely … Continue reading Sergio Focardi in Remembrance

Rossi Confirms E-Cat Factory

Koen Vandewalle is a frequent commenter on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. He frequently asks very informed questions and makes astute observations, to which Andrea Rossi usually responds. He recently asked Rossi for confirmation about the factory that is being built by Mr. Rossi’s U.S. partner.  Andrea Rossi has had devastating experiences in the past. […]

More Meta Data On HotCat Test

The following is a rough translation from Google of what appears to be a presentation published as a pdf at Borderlands.de. Borderlands seems to report on fringe science and the Swiss company Transaltec AG – an eCat licensee is among the links on their homepage. The pdf is here and includes some familiar images. I put this […]

Focardi TED Talk (English Subtitles)

Here’s something from the archive that I think is worth posting here. At a TEDx conference held in Bologna on October 14th 2011, Sergio Focardi gave a talk about cold fusion, and specifically his work with Andrea Rossi. I had seen this talk befor…

Andrea Rossi’s Reading List

A reader of the Journal of Nuclear Physics recently asked Andrea Rossi about some of his favorite science and mathematics books, and Rossi has been happy to give his responses. I thought it might be useful to some to list them here — perhaps seri…

Sergio Focardi Still Involved In The E-Cat

Prof. Sergio Focardi is the co-inventor of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat. He was the scientist working with Christos Stremmenos back in the 90s to perfect what is now known as LENR, and who was working with Mr. Rossi when he made his breakthrough in the technology. Joseph Fine, who frequently contributes to the Journal of Nuclear […]

Publication of a further, 3rd, International Patent Application by Francisco Piantelli – Part I

The following is a further posting in a series of articles by David French, a patent attorney with 35 years experience, which will review patents of interest touching on the field of Cold Fusion. This will be a two-part outline of a recently published patent application originating from Francesco Piantelli. The first part will address … Continue reading Publication of a further, 3rd, International Patent Application by Francisco Piantelli – Part I