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Pons Preface to Biberian Fusion Book

Since the resurgence of cold fusion in the last few years one prominent figure who has stayed out of the spotlight is Stanley Pons.  After reaching almost household name status for a brief while in 1989, Pons keeps a very low profile these days, livin…

European Arts Community in Action for New Energy

Art by Aldo Tambellini 1961 Europe has been a leader in the arts for centuries, creating 3D perspective and ushering in the Renaissance that gave us modern science. Europe is also a fertile region for cold fusion science, with almost every country represented by some agency-funded or independent research lab. And now, in 2012, European … Continue reading European Arts Community in Action for New Energy

Martin Fleischmann in 10 minutes

I’m so lucky to be staying within a short 20-minute pedal to Venice Beach, California, where all the world mingles on the sands of the not-yet-too-radioactive Pacific coast. Musicians, crafts people, campers, the homeless, sight-seers and tourists, families, soon-to-be-Hollywood stars, and artists galore line the Walk which, for me, begins at Muscle Beach and ends … Continue reading Martin Fleischmann in 10 minutes

Honoring Martin Fleischmann

Obituaries The Telegraph New York Times Los Angeles Times Salt Lake Tribune Washington Post Philadelphia Inquirer reprint Peter Svensson Associated Press Too many obituaries like these continue the myth: that cold fusion is a phenomenon imagined in the minds of lesser scientists. (A shriekingly loud wailing erupts) Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgghgghhhhh! O my peoples! Let us correct this … Continue reading Honoring Martin Fleischmann

The Deep Reach of Martin Fleischmann

“So, the puzzle looks approaching the resolution now. The long lasting excess heat phenomena, currently being observed by several groups in Japan, Italy, USA, etc., will be understood in the extension of their research. When we will trace inversely in time, we will find the original point of perspective in the Fleischmann-Pons work at 1989.” … Continue reading The Deep Reach of Martin Fleischmann

Fleischmann Dead

Martin Fleischmann is dead. We are here, in good part, because of him. They called him a fraud and a liar. They said it wasn’t science. And yet, he will outlive them all. I hope Stanley Pons lives to see the dream break free. I hope we all do. Thank you for giving us hope, […]

Martin Fleischmann Dead at 85

New Energy times is reporting that Martin Fleischmann has died at his home in Tisbury, U.K. He had been suffering from diabetes and Parkinson’s disease and had been in poor health for a number of years. Fleischmann, Professor of Electrochemistry …