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Letters to Congressional Energy Sub-committees repeat hearings request

Why does the Department of Energy refuse to acknowledge LENR science and technology as part of its energy portfolio? Why does the US Patent Office siphon cold fusion patent applications outside of the review channel? A recent mailing sent two dozen letters to the Senate Sub-Committee on Energy and other Senators requesting hearings into these … Continue reading Letters to Congressional Energy Sub-committees repeat hearings request

Daily Kos: The E-cat! Do you believe?

I’ve been following this story for some time now. It appears that various media outlets are starting to write about the E-Cat. If this turns out to be “for real”, then this is likely to have unbelievably profound effects on…

World Wide Lab

The artist makes new perception that changes all the social ground rules. The inventor creates products and processes that transform environments. Marshall McLuhan Barrington Nevitt Take Today The Executive As Dropout [pg 98] After the initial announcement in 1989, issues of reproducibility made cold fusion science controversial and contentious. Since then, a few determined researchers […]

Cold Fusion Now Cross-Country Tour

Yours truly spent the last couple of weeks traveling across the United States from the Left Coast to South Florida spreading the Cold Fusion gospel. Here’s a few highlights of the tour. I first spent a couple nights with my friends in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was great to see my old bandmate and drummer […]