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Video of Zurich Conference Q & A

Many thanks to Sterling Allan of PESN for making available video of the Zurich E-Cat conference. The quality of sound and picture is much better than was available on the live feed. The video below of a Question & Answer session with Andrea Rossi …

Zurich E-Cat Conference Thread (Day 1)

I thought I would create an open thread for people who are following the September 8-9th E-Cat Conference in Zurich. It can be a place where people can post significant news and information coming out of the conference. I have made some arrangements to…

A Visit To Defkalion

Deviating from the return leg of a trip to S Africa, Sterling Allan of Peswiki dropped in on Defkalion GT’s Greek offices. His report is worth the read. Although he did not witness any tests or see their lab, he was able to gain an impression of a group of competent people doing business. Such […]

Instant Hot Water eCat

A few days ago, during an interview with Sterling Allan of Peswiki, Andrea Rossi told us that the $500 home eCat was not suitable for sanitary use (hand washing, shower etc). A relatively slow starter, instant-on hot water was beyond its ken. A blinking eye later, it appears that this problem has been solved January […]