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First Commercial Cold Fusion Steam Heat Generator For Sale

Order your Energy Catalyzer today! It is the first thermal energy generator to be powered by the reaction between hydrogen and the metal nickel based on two-decades of research that began when Drs. Fleischmann and Pons announced cold fusion in 1989. Essentially a hot-water boiler, the generator creates steam heat. Currently, coal-fired power plants create … Continue reading First Commercial Cold Fusion Steam Heat Generator For Sale


by Joe Shea
AR Correspondent
BRADENTON, Fla., Oct. 30, 2011 — If you went to Google tonight and searched for the terms “E Cat Rossi Associated Press” you’d get 1,430,000 results from blogs, Web sites and magazines like Wired.com (UK edition). That number will grow.

Most are about how an Associated Press reporter attended the demonstration of a device – as the exclusive media person present during the whole test – that proceeded to generate 475,000 watts of power continuously for five hours with no input and just its secret Low Energy Nuclear Reaction device – a cold fusion reactor, in plain terms – providing power for the people who need it most – this world’s billions of poor and hungry human beings..

AP Science writer Peter Svensson with Peswiki founder Sterling Allen at the workshops of Italian inventor and electrical engineer Andrea Rossi in Bologna, Italy. They were at Friday’s final demonstration of a 1Mw cold fusion reactor that generated 470Kw of energy without any power input. Svensson had exclusive access during the test. The AP is sitting on the story, Joe Shea suspects. Photo: Sterling Allan/Peswiki

There is substantial skepticism about Rossi and the reactor, and one critic has noted the inventor has had several brushes with the law over get-rich-quick schemes, the latest in the ’90s, but always got short sentences and never went to jail. He would not be the first important inventor with an arrest record.

Croniche Italiche: L’E-Cat, ovvero: la metafora di questo paese che rapidamente s’avvicina al baratro… No, scusate: ha gia’ saltato

Seguo con sincero interesse il Vaudeville che s’e’ alzato, da quasi un anno a questa parte, attorno all’ennesima “scoperta” di un metodo “sicuramente funzionante” per ottenere “a costo irrisorio” la “fusione fredda” (ora meglio conosciuta come “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions”,…

E-Cat test: One-half a megawatt — self-sustained

The testing of a proto-type 1 Megawatt nickel-hydrogen reactor today appears to be a success. The Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat, a thermal energy device that runs on a fuel of hydrogen and hosts the reaction in a nickel powder generated 479 kilowatts of power over 5.5 hours in self-sustain mode. Sterling Allan of Pure Energy … Continue reading E-Cat test: One-half a megawatt — self-sustained

E-Day: il grande giorno dell’E-Cat. – Petrolio

28 Ottobre, attesissima giornata in cui finalmente l’E-Cat viene sperimentato in versione da un megawatt, alla presenza di una realtà industriale americana interessata al progetto. La diretta streaming inizialmente promessa è stata annullata su richiesta dello stesso cliente. Ma ci…