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Members of The 3rd Party Report Commission

The much awaited third party reports regarding the functioning of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat have now been released, with all of the confirmation necessary to bring LENR into the mainstream. The members of the third party team, long kept secret by Mr. Rossi, have also been revealed. These include physicists and scientists from Italy and Sweden.  […]

ECAT HT Validated by Top Physicists

http://ecat.com ECAT HT Validated by Top Physicists A number of physicists from Bologna University, Italy, Uppsala University, Sweden and Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden has verified the exothermal process of the ECAT (The Rossi Effect). The goa…

Andrea Rossi Interview

Sterling Allan of  Pure Energy Systems News and Frank Acland of E-CatWorld recently interviewed Andrea Rossi about the LENR technology he has been perfecting.  The interview was hosted by Gary Hendershot with SmartScarecrow. Here is some of the information that Allan shared concerning the interview, which ran an hour and a half. Sterling Allan asked […]

An Update on Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat

Yesterday Sterling D. Allan of PESN and Frank Acland of E-CatWorld conducted a one and a half hour interview with Andrea Rossi hosted by Gary Hendershot on his SmartScarecrow service regarding developments in the E-Cat technology based on the cold fusion technology called “LENR” for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. SmartScarecrow has chat room where people […]

E-Cat Testing in Sweden?

An article on the Swedish site Osunt (means ‘unsound’), a blog that follows environmental and political topics, an article has been published about the E-Cat which reports on a rumor that there has been testing going on at the Svedberg Labo…

Rossi on Factories

Andrea Rossi has responded on his Journal of Nuclear Physics Site to a question asking about his manufacturing facilities and a request for pictures of them: Dear Brian: Our factories are in the USA. We have a R&D center in Italy wherein we also m…

Usage Statistics for E-Cat World

There are some readers who have expressed interest in the readership of E-Cat World, so I thought I would post some usage statistics. Here are some numbers for the last 30 days gathered from Google Analytics. The number of visitors fluctuate somewhat d…

Heard It Through The Grapevine

It’s been quite an eventful week in the e-cat aether. On E-Cat World, a conversation was posted that should get all fans of the E-Cat and Andrea Rossi excited. It is a translated…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

Sven Kullander on the E-Cat

Many thanks to Hampus Ericsson for sending me this report of a conversation he had with Sven Kullander, professor emeritus of High Energy Physics at Uppsala University in Sweden. (Edited slightly for English grammar) One year ago I went to see Sven Kul…

E-Cat Plants R&D Locations

Andrea Rossi, inventor of the Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat, has initially said that he would build a manufacturing facility in Italy, and perhaps another one in Sweden. However, due to recent issues with…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Cata…