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Rossi Says US Partner Could Take Over

A few months ago, Andrea Rossi and the Leonardo Corporation took a thus-far anonymous partner in the United States. With this partnership, Rossi said that Leonardo Corp is no longer a small battleship,…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Cata…

More Meta Data On HotCat Test

The following is a rough translation from Google of what appears to be a presentation published as a pdf at Borderlands.de. Borderlands seems to report on fringe science and the Swiss company Transaltec AG – an eCat licensee is among the links on their homepage. The pdf is here and includes some familiar images. I put this […]

NASA Technology Gateway – Spinoff – LENR Cold Fusion

  The Technology Gateway and Spinoff Magazine by NASA Congress mandates that NASA offer licensing of patented technologies to U.S. industry. NASA meets this requirement through the NASA Technology Gateway where LENR patent licensing opportunities are offered. NASA publishes Spinoff magazine annually, showcasing the technologies from previous years’ licensing process, and their benefits to industry. The Technology Transfer and … Continue reading NASA Technology Gateway – Spinoff – LENR Cold Fusion

Television and Cold Fusion

I know this is little off topic, but I read an article today on Yahoo News about how broadcasters are beginning to worry about the number of ‘no TV’ homes there are in the United States. Apparently the number of homes without television rec…

Rossi on Factories

Andrea Rossi has responded on his Journal of Nuclear Physics Site to a question asking about his manufacturing facilities and a request for pictures of them: Dear Brian: Our factories are in the USA. We have a R&D center in Italy wherein we also m…