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Fusion: Moving From Hot to Cold

I was interested to read a letter to the editor in the Washington Post today written by former Princeton Plasma Physics Lab physicist, and now US Representative from New Jersey, Rush D. Holt in response to George Will’s recent Washington Post edi…

E-cat South Asia Technology Update

Press Release from Ecat Australia and Ecat South Asia – August 2013 TOMORROWS ENERGY, TODAY Since we last wrote, there continues to be important developments. The rest of the world is waking up that L.E.N.R. is serious. A recent Forbes article emphasized the maturing of the technology. And OilPrice.com journalist Brian Westenhaus thinks the industry … Continue reading E-cat South Asia Technology Update

OPEC and Saudis Losing Clout

I read an interesting article from Fox News which focuses on the effect that the current boom in the US energy sector is having, and will have in the future on the fortunes of OPEC countries — specifically Saudi Arabia. Prince Prince Alwaleed bin…

A Murderous Fraud

A few days before the HotCat test was published, British businessman, Jim McCormick, was sentenced to 10 yrs for fraud. As I urge you to watch the following BBC clip, I also urge you to stop yourself jumping to conclusions. The purpose of placing this here is not to attach McCormick’s guilt to Rossi but […]

Andrea Rossi NextMe eCat Q&A

The following Q&A is posted on Rossi’e blog. While I am wary of trying to figure out what we can take away from his numerous proclamations, I find his comments regarding the test conditions interesting. In various post-test author comments, it is evident that there were more checks undertaken than those published in the paper. Here, […]

Tests Confirm Anomalous Heat Production in Rossi’s E-Cat

Here’s the biggest LENR/cold fusion news in at least the last few years. A team of independent scientists have confirmed anomalous heat production from Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat reactor. I’ve already spent around 1,500-2,000 hours following this story because I’m convinced LENR technology is real and practical. Rossi is now racing to commercialize his reactors and

Tests Confirm Anomalous Heat Production in Rossi’s E-Cat is a post from: Natural Building Blog

‘Senate’ Directs E-Cat Work

We don’t know very much at all about the business structure that is now running the commercialization aspects of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat invention. Andrea Rossi announced last year that he had entered into a partnership with a US company, and …