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Not Much Nickel Needed

Andrea Rossi once again today reiterated his claim that the amount of nickel used in the E-Cat reaction is miniscule — that: “The amount of Ni used by the E-Cat, even in a widespread situation, would not affect the world production of Ni. 1…

Defkalion Hyperion demo to be broadcast online

Video: Dr. Bob excited about Defkalion demo drboblog.com Defkalion Green Technologies has scheduled two public demonstrations of their Hyperion core reactor next week concurrent with the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18). Defkalion originates from Greece, but now has their main lab in Vancouver, Canada. Labs dedicated to applications for the steam generator are … Continue reading Defkalion Hyperion demo to be broadcast online

Rossi’s Changing Role

I think we are seeing a new Andrea Rossi these days. Until quite recently he seemed to be very much his own man when it came to the development and commercialization of the E-Cat. My understanding that he is still CEO of Leonardo Corporation, but he sa…

Update On New E-Cat Plant

The first E-Cat plant built for civilian use was shipped from Italy about 2 months ago. It traveled by ship to the U.S., where delivery was accepted. According to Andrea Rossi, the plant…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

Rossi on Going Public

A recent question by a reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics brought up the question to Andrea Rossi about whether in was possible to buy shares in Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation. Rossi answered: No, I think that our enterprise is still very ris…