Al Gore mentions Cold Fusion Today (6/11) at Google+ Conversation

In a 40 minute video chat published today by TakePart TV as part of a Google+ Conversation series, Al Gore is interviewed on climate change and is asked about various alternative energy solutions. Just before the 19 minute mark, he is asked about Nuclear Fusion wherein he states that he’s been told by the experts … Continue reading Al Gore mentions Cold Fusion Today (6/11) at Google+ Conversation

Cold Fusion Passes Al Gore’s Lips

In a Google+ Conversation (published today) Al Gore said that there were “very intriguing explorations” in cold fusion research. He was aware that the preferred term was no longer cf and he did say that we should continue to concentrate on renewables as fusion was still speculative. Even so, it is interesting to note that […]

The Domain Now Redirects to Green Tech Venture Capital Firm KPCB

There was a brief flurry of interest last week when it was discovered that the domain name redirected to an Exxon Mobil site.  When asked about it, Andrea Rossi stated that he had no connection with Exxon, and that it was purely coincidental. Today, if you go to it redirects to a different site …

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