European Arts Community in Action for New Energy

Art by Aldo Tambellini 1961 Europe has been a leader in the arts for centuries, creating 3D perspective and ushering in the Renaissance that gave us modern science. Europe is also a fertile region for cold fusion science, with almost every country represented by some agency-funded or independent research lab. And now, in 2012, European … Continue reading European Arts Community in Action for New Energy

Martin Fleischmann 1927 to 2012 and beyond

PHOTO Martin Fleischmann courtesy University of Utah Archives Telegraph Announcements “Professor Martin Fleischmann died peacefully at home on 3rd August 2012, after a long illness aged 85. Funeral Service at St John’s Tisbury, Wiltshire, Tuesday 21st August at 12.30 p.m. Flowers or donations to Marie Curie Cancer Care and Parkinson’s UK. Enquiries to Chris White … Continue reading Martin Fleischmann 1927 to 2012 and beyond

Martin Fleischmann in 10 minutes

I’m so lucky to be staying within a short 20-minute pedal to Venice Beach, California, where all the world mingles on the sands of the not-yet-too-radioactive Pacific coast. Musicians, crafts people, campers, the homeless, sight-seers and tourists, families, soon-to-be-Hollywood stars, and artists galore line the Walk which, for me, begins at Muscle Beach and ends … Continue reading Martin Fleischmann in 10 minutes

Honoring Martin Fleischmann

Obituaries The Telegraph New York Times Los Angeles Times Salt Lake Tribune Washington Post Philadelphia Inquirer reprint Peter Svensson Associated Press Too many obituaries like these continue the myth: that cold fusion is a phenomenon imagined in the minds of lesser scientists. (A shriekingly loud wailing erupts) Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgghgghhhhh! O my peoples! Let us correct this … Continue reading Honoring Martin Fleischmann

Big Bang Theory AND Cold Fusion

System crashing, nuclear threat, riots in streets, fiat paper debt, mass extinctions, despot measures- I’m changing the channel for TV pleasures. I am not familiar with most current TV offerings – and this is old news for you hipsters – but while visiting family, I learned about The Big Bang Theory, one of the biggest […]

Tom and Doug interview Andrea Rossi on E-Cat’s Future

Tom and Doug, the pair that brought you “I Believe in the E-Cat“, has followed up with another fabulous audio selection, this time an hour-long interview with Andrea A. Rossi, the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer conducted on 11/11/11. The E-Cat is the first commercial product based on condensed matter nuclear science, the science that … Continue reading Tom and Doug interview Andrea Rossi on E-Cat’s Future

Steam Punk

Our greatest blessings come by way of madness, indeed of a madness that is heaven-sent. –‘Socrates’ on the Oracle of Delphi in Phaedo A test of the first commercial cold fusion technology held on October 6 at the University of Bologna, Italy continues to draw debate on just how much excess heat was generated. Excess … Continue reading Steam Punk

Rally Monkey!

Per il signor Rossi, e tutti i colleghi raduno a Bologna: vi auguriamo il successo di questo test importante della vostra energia rivoluzionaria tecnologia ed una consegna rapida di Nuovo Fuoco per il pianeta! To Mr. Rossi, and all colleagues gathering in Bologna: we wish you success on this important test run of your revolutionary … Continue reading Rally Monkey!

Top Five Reasons to Support Cold Fusion

Our Top Five reasons to support cold fusion technology are listed as: 1. Cold fusion energy technology is ultra-clean. 2. The fuel is abundant. 3. The reaction has a high energy density. 4. New energy technology accompanies new economic paradigm. 5. Cold fusion technology empowers local communities. Learning about these effects of cold fusion/LENR/LANR/CANR/”nickel-hydrogen exothermic […]

Cold fusion reactor photographed on New York tabletop.

“Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century.” Marshall McLuhan As advertising grew up post-WWII North America, it attracted the best and the brightest of the society to work on campaigns that sold consumer products to a giddy nation looking audaciously towards a future of plenty for all. The new technology of television […]