The 1MW eCat – True Lies

Most of us are aware that the 1MW eCat is still in Bologna and not with the mystery customer. The story unfolded on Vortex after released a video that featured the said container. As posters zeroed on the likely truth of its identity, AR fingered it as the same, saying that anyone who thought […]

Multi MW eCat Order – Update

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Andrea Rossi: We are building a 130 MW thermal plant, made of 13 plant such as the one you saw on October 28th: but it’s a military research and I can’t reveal any further detail, not the name, nor the place, nor the nationality of the customer   The above comment is contained in a […]

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Rossi: No More eCat Public Tests

Andrea Rossi has confirmed that there will be no more public tests of his eCat technology.He has of course said this before and then ended up doing more public tests, so there is every reason to believe that this situation will change.  With huge …

Bloomberg Features eCat

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Following the Forbes article, the next  heavy-hitting financial org to cover the eCat is Bloomberg. In keeping with their normal format, the sequence is short. It is also surprisingly positive.   Video is from PESN’s YouTube Channel Another small article is also added to the growing range, this time from design blog Inhabitat (Alexa Rank […]

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A Sober Look At 1MW eCat Clues

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UPDATED  [As people explain away some of these observations, I will edit this post until we are left with the unexplained – Thus I have ammended Fox’s comment about the customer being an ‘N’ word. I have also removed a photo of two young men who I thought had a military bearing. That was nonsense. […]

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