Industrial Heat And Due Dilligence

Venture Capitalists tell us that they invest in the people involved in a project and not just the project itself. They might combine  hard-nosed analysis with passion for an idea but most of us assume that they will always default to the bottom line before anything else. This is why I find the IH development […]

Rossi Sells eCat

Rossi continues to surprise. For some time, the inventor has been claiming he no longer has control over the strategic development of the eCat because he sold the rights to a company with deep pockets. He was obviously telling the truth. Industrial Heat LLC issued a press release confirming the acquisition and lending another layer […]

Hydrofusion Sells eCat Juice?

On Andrea Rossi’s blog today, the inventor implied that Hydro Fusion (the Swedish licensee) has found a company to act as a showcase for the 1MW eCat and that it is one he approves of. While I do not pretend to understand why this is needed, I do find the development interesting. There have been […]

Andrea Rossi NextMe eCat Q&A

The following Q&A is posted on Rossi’e blog. While I am wary of trying to figure out what we can take away from his numerous proclamations, I find his comments regarding the test conditions interesting. In various post-test author comments, it is evident that there were more checks undertaken than those published in the paper. Here, […]

Swedish Company Endorses HotCat Report

One of the bodies funding the HotCat report – the Swedish Energy Research Organization, Elforsk – has issued a statement on its website, lending their name in a direct way to its credibility. This is a potentially significant development as it weakens the slurs trying to paint the testers as a small band of incompetents, […]

Better Zurich eCat Video

If, like me, you struggled to hear the Zurich live feed over the weekend, you will thank Sterling Allan for the following videos. There are two but I will only embed one in fairness to Sterling and to encourage you to visit his site. Even though I watched the whole thing on both days, I […]

HotCat Report

After listening (with difficulty) to yesterday’s live-stream from Zurich, my first impression was that we had learned nothing new. On reading the subsequent report regarding the tests conducted on July and August at Bologna, I have to revise that assessment. I still feel that jubilation is premature – there are far too many questions and […]

Zurich – Day 1

Unsurprisingly, there is a schism between those who started out sceptical of Rossi’s claims and those with a tendency to believe him when we look at the responses to today’s Zurich play. I was neither disappointed nor surprised. Andrea Rossi had prepared us to temper our expectations and then delivered as promised. I really wish […]

eCat Conference – Zurich

I have no idea how useful it will be but the Zurich eCat Conference is now streaming live. So-far (and understandably) much of the talk is in German but as I write this, the speaker is using English. While I am happy to encourage robust debate, I ask you all to respect the light touch […]

eCatNews Brief Pt 2

An independent look at Rossi’s eCat by novelist, Paul Story. A former physicist, Paul wrote this brief after months of wading through FUD and clutter trying to sift gold from shit. He has not decided to ‘believe’ yet, but thinks that the circumstantial evidence is so strong and the potential benefits so great that we need to pay attention.

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National Instruments And Cold Fusion – Update

Update at end [new video] Often the centre of LENR speculation, National Instruments has been promoted as Rossi’s best buddy all the way through to an indifferent company simply trying to sell their wares to anyone who wants them. A new video has just surfaced from NI Week, where cofounder, President and CEO, James Truchard […]

Defkalion Interview

When Defkalion GT promised to deliver details of their independent tests some months ago, I admit to a certain frisson of excitement at the time. It appeared to me that the company would gain nothing by making such a specific promise if it had no substance. When nothing came of it (so far) that excitement […]

New Andrea Rossi Interview has posted a new interview from our enigmatic Italian inventor. The following comes from James Stafford (thank you, James). The full interview is here. Some of the questions we asked Mr. Rossi take a look at: • Why it took so long for him to go public with his discovery. • How the E-Cat […]