Andrea Rossi: Almost 100,000 Domestic eCat Orders

A few weeks ago the ‘news’ that Andrea Rossi’s call for a 10,000 eCat pre-order list had actually reached 50,000 was greeted with mixed reactions. Some tried to estimate the interest in the subject by studying site stats (such as those from feeling certain that active curiousity in AR’s claims were too low to […] Interviews Andrea Rossi

This just in from I’l let it speak for itself as there is little we do not already think we know.: The team behind traveled to Bologna on the 12th of January and we got an exclusive interview with Andrea Rossi. Here are the main points: The ECAT Home unit (domestic E-Cat) will […]

Ampenergo Not Dead? – Updated

Updated I post this here for information, leaving it to readers more qualified than I to read the tealeaves. On the surface, Ampenergo – Andrea Rossi’s eCat partner for The Americas – is no longer in business. How likely is this to be an error? Could such a situation be a result of clerical negligence […]

1MW eCat Now $1.5M (US)

According to, Andrea Rossi’ primary customer-facing affiliate site, the 1MW eCats have now dropped from $2M to $1.5M. This is in line with previous comments from AR and although we do not have confirmation from the inventor yet, I would consider a trusted source on that sort of information. The reasons for the […]

eCats Predicted At $50/kW Says Andrea Rossi

This is food for sceptics and believers alike: Andrea Rossi January 13th, 2012 at 3:07 AM Dear Robert Tanhaus: The concept we are developing is totally new, you will see. The E-Cats will be very easy, very chip, the assistance will be very close. The industrialization we are working on is probably as much important […]

Andrea Rossi: Robots To Build Million eCats

There are many points of attack hard sceptics can use to warn poor deluded believers of their folly. Some are justified and form the basis for this site holding back on that final step down the rabbit hole. Most, however, are weak. One such is scoffing at the idea of a million eCat production goal […]

World-Wide Domestic eCat Sales From Day One

I have to admit surprise. AR announces that sales will be Global from the get-go once they go live (hopefully Autumn this year) in the US. This will happen after they receive accreditation. Since any such system is not universal, it may simply be a pragmatic push to spread the tech through a global army […]

Home Depot eCat Talks At Early Stage

Today, on his blog, Andrea Rossi clarifies the situation with Home Depot. I doubt many people thought his previous comment implied anything else but clarity is always welcome. No reputable outlet would think about selling such a thing without certification. To me, the significance of such talks lies in the knowing of them; the glimpse […]

Rossi: Titanic Step For eCat Production

Today, Andrea Rossi talks about a titanic step forward, crediting a lucky idea and the capability of his new partner for allowing fast scaling of volume and a consequential low price that will kill competition. It’s true that we must put this in context as a ‘Rossi Says’ but I find it particularly interesting because […]

The Defkalion-eCat Gauntlet

An interesting Christmas post from AR. Many people are assuming that he is confirming that Defkalion has the goods but without clarification, there is still room for doubt (that he is confirming DGT’s claim). It is certainly one interpretation and I do hope it turns out to be the correct one. If so, this is […]

eCat Polar Opposites

It is interesting to see the results of two polar opposites in the eCat debate. The amount of energy and spit used by pseudosceptics in trashing Rossi, DGT and anyone who gives light to the possibility that eCat and LENR might be real is astonishing given that it appears to be in the name of […]

eCat Cost To Half In One Year

A questioner on AR’s blog tries to break the quiet spell and gets us some minor intel to chew on. This is always welcome. We learn that AR sees a drop in the current price of 2K Euro per kW to 1K Euro within a year. Considering his prediction is for domestic units at 400 […]

Psst! Wanna Buy A Hyperion?

Interesting exchange going on at Defkalion’s forum at the moment. Aussie Guy previously posted comments here on and Vortex keeping us informed about his attempts to buy a 100kW eCat from AR. AR declined as he is concentrating on 1MW plants for now. Aussie Guy then started negotiating on behalf of his company for […]