Praxen DGT’s Global Play

In preperation for today’s announcement, Defkalion DGT has rather belatedly updated their site. Previously Andrea Rossi’s proud eCat licencee for Greece and The Balkans, we now have this: Company Structure Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies (Global) Ltd., is based in Cyprus. It owns full rights to its own technologies and will sell exclusive rights globally for […]

New eCat Customer To Be Public

This is what we need: Herb Gillis November 28th, 2011 at 12:42 PM Andrea Rossi: How long do you think it will be before there is a 1MW customer that is willing to talk about their experiences with the product and act as a reference? Having another customer out there who is willing to act […]

Rossi Appoints As Official eCat Site

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This appeared on appointed Andrea Rossi’s Official ECAT Website Today, in a mutual agreement with Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corporation, has been appointed the Official ECAT Website. Hydro Fusion is truly honored by Andrea Rossi’s request to appoint its domain as the Official ECAT Website of Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corporation and […]

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Defkalion Deny eCat Love Child

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Following Andrea Rossi’s divorce from DGT, the Greek side of the relationship talked in conciliatory terms. The company execs appeared to leave the door open in the hope of making up for the sake of the kittens. In a somewhat schizophrenic stance, they also insisted that they were keeping to their vows and would carry […]

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An eCat Customer – Updated

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Update: The eCat inventor has posted that only 1MW plants are for sale and nothing smaller. See update at the end of the post, but the following should be read with AR’s correction in mind. * Recently, Andrea Rossi gave an estimate of annual eCat production (for the 1MW plants) in the order of low […]

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Two Illuminating eCat Interviews

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It appears that our joint sleuthing was on the mark all those months ago. Ny Teknik, the Swedish magazine close to the heart of the eCat story confirms that Magnus Holm of Hydro Fusion is behind In an interview with Holm, we  gain a little insight into the thinking behind the gamble on Rossi. […]

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eCat Partners

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Calm Down The news regarding Andrea Rossi’s North European eCat partner is interesting and their site, is a professional looking display window. That is encouraging but on its own means little. We have no idea who is behind that particular front and while my default is to assume nothing suspicious, I do not believe […]

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A Sober Look At 1MW eCat Clues

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UPDATED  [As people explain away some of these observations, I will edit this post until we are left with the unexplained – Thus I have ammended Fox’s comment about the customer being an ‘N’ word. I have also removed a photo of two young men who I thought had a military bearing. That was nonsense. […]

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Andrea Rossi May Sell eCat Shares

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Andrea Rossi has always indicated that he would only use his own money until he was selling eCat products on the open market. It should be no surprise then that the possibility of opening up investment opportunities to the public looms now that the 1MW plant has shipped. Of course, without knowledge of the customer’s […]

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Cold fusion reactor photographed on New York tabletop.

“Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century.” Marshall McLuhan As advertising grew up post-WWII North America, it attracted the best and the brightest of the society to work on campaigns that sold consumer products to a giddy nation looking audaciously towards a future of plenty for all. The new technology of television […]