Andrea Rossi EcatSK demo

“The EcatSK is available now for industrial applications. If you want safe, reliable, competitively priced heat, we encourage you to contact us.” That was the announcement on the EcatSK demonstration broadcast live on the Network at http://…

Hydrofusion to Demonstrate E-Cats for Clients

Hydrofusion – the licensee who has rights to sell Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat in Northern Europe – have opted to take a unique approach to marketing this amazing source of energy. They are going to demonstrate it for prospective customers. The potential customer does not have to make an initial outlay by purchasing an E-Cat. According […]

Thank You Francesco Celani

Congratulations to all who endured the brickbats hurled by those posing as your betters. Despite the derision, the lack of funds and career-wrecking assaults, you have demonstrated the true power of the scientific method. In 1989 it took no more than an announcement to create sensational headlines proclaiming the end of the world’s energy problems. […]