E-Cat test: One-half a megawatt — self-sustained

The testing of a proto-type 1 Megawatt nickel-hydrogen reactor today appears to be a success. The Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat, a thermal energy device that runs on a fuel of hydrogen and hosts the reaction in a nickel powder generated 479 kilowatts of power over 5.5 hours in self-sustain mode. Sterling Allan of Pure Energy … Continue reading E-Cat test: One-half a megawatt — self-sustained

Steam Punk

Our greatest blessings come by way of madness, indeed of a madness that is heaven-sent. –‘Socrates’ on the Oracle of Delphi in Phaedo A test of the first commercial cold fusion technology held on October 6 at the University of Bologna, Italy continues to draw debate on just how much excess heat was generated. Excess … Continue reading Steam Punk

Updates Part 2 – E-CAT Test Aftermath

Photo from Radio24 After the October 6th Energy Catalyzer test, there’s been continual updates, graphs, number crunching, and speculation on what is next, trickling in throughout the web. For a good summation of the test as being positive, yet could have been better, and a really good part on the psychological aspects of “inventor” versus … Continue reading Updates Part 2 – E-CAT Test Aftermath

Bologna E-Cat Test a Success

Andrea Rossi’s test of a 1 megawatt e-cat cold fusion unit on Thursday, October 6 in Bologna was apparently successful. Reporter Mats Lewan from the Swedish newspaper Ny Teknik reported that the e-cat was able to generate heat and maintain the heat f…

Rally Monkey!

Per il signor Rossi, e tutti i colleghi raduno a Bologna: vi auguriamo il successo di questo test importante della vostra energia rivoluzionaria tecnologia ed una consegna rapida di Nuovo Fuoco per il pianeta! To Mr. Rossi, and all colleagues gathering in Bologna: we wish you success on this important test run of your revolutionary … Continue reading Rally Monkey!

Test on E-Cat Will Be Conducted on Oct 6th in Bologna, Italy with Invited Academics

Daniele Passarini has posted a copy of a letter sent by Dr. Franco Sicogna to the European Patent Office inviting representatives to attend a demonstration of one of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat modules. The letter reads in part: “With reference to the subject-matter of the application in re, we wish to inform you that an experiment …

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