HotCat Fail For Hydrofusion – Updated

Important Update from Mats Lewan of Ny Teknik at end of this post. Hydrofusion, the company behind Andrea Rossi’s official web site at (and his N European rep) has issued a press release indicating that it cannot support Rossi’s claims for the HotCat. As I always caution against jumping to positive conclusions on flimsy […] Interviews Andrea Rossi

This just in from I’l let it speak for itself as there is little we do not already think we know.: The team behind traveled to Bologna on the 12th of January and we got an exclusive interview with Andrea Rossi. Here are the main points: The ECAT Home unit (domestic E-Cat) will […]

1MW eCat Now $1.5M (US)

According to, Andrea Rossi’ primary customer-facing affiliate site, the 1MW eCats have now dropped from $2M to $1.5M. This is in line with previous comments from AR and although we do not have confirmation from the inventor yet, I would consider a trusted source on that sort of information. The reasons for the […]

Pick Up An eCat Brochure

Bored with all the normal Christmas catalogues filled with iPods, iPads, DVD’s and electrical items?  Then flick through a 1MW Cold Fusion brochure instead.Produced by Hydrofusion – the same company responsible for   Not sure about …

Rossi Appoints As Official eCat Site

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This appeared on appointed Andrea Rossi’s Official ECAT Website Today, in a mutual agreement with Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corporation, has been appointed the Official ECAT Website. Hydro Fusion is truly honored by Andrea Rossi’s request to appoint its domain as the Official ECAT Website of Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corporation and […]

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A story over at has identified the company behind as UK based HydroFusion.  Hydrofusion’s “About” page says the following:”HydroFusion Ltd was founded in 2011 and is a UK-based company specializing in a number o…

eCat Partners

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Calm Down The news regarding Andrea Rossi’s North European eCat partner is interesting and their site, is a professional looking display window. That is encouraging but on its own means little. We have no idea who is behind that particular front and while my default is to assume nothing suspicious, I do not believe […]

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