Torus Design with E-Cat/LENR Home Energy System

Specifications: 2,224 sq. ft. interior, 564 sq. ft. greenhouses, 1,520 sq. ft. courtyard, each side has two bedrooms, two baths, Footprint: 74’ diameter not including 8.5’ wide greenhouse Description: The Torus Design is the first home to my knowledge that is specifically designed to utilize cold fusion generation. When LENR reactors come on the market […]

E-Cat Update: LENR Confirmed by Mainstream Scientists

Tomorrow I will unveil the plans for my Torus Design — the first home specifically designed for the E-Cat/LENR fusion energy system. E-Cats or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) technology, promises clean, nearly free energy that will likely rank as one of the most important discoveries in history. LENR technology can provide extremely low cost […]