Another Andrea Rossi Interview

EV World, the journal behind NASA’s Dennis Bushnell interview has followed up with a 30 minute talk with Andrea Rossi. These near-hand accounts are great, making the man behind the hype flesh and putting flesh on our understanding of the eCat and AR’s claims.

Some takeaways are as follows:

  • Andrea Rossi was one of many who tried and failed to replicate the Pons & Fleischmann result in 1989
  • Although unsuccessful, it sowed a seed in his mind
  • He is happy with the term LENR
  • Until 2007, he experimented around the subject as he ran other businesses
  • Reaching a critical point, he needed to decide if it was worth the risk of concentrating full time – 16 hours a day
  • He asked Prof Focardi to look at his ideas and tell him why it would not work
  • Prof Focardi could not do so
  • At this point (July 2007) he decided to try make a useful product
  • Knowing that if it worked there would be radiation, he hired Prof Focardi as a safety measure
  • Focardi did this and also helped him understand how to thermalize the operational radiation
  • He built a 20KW device and installed it in his factory, heating it for around a year ( 5 months are cold and winter is v cold)
  • The factory is now sold along with everything else to fund the energy catalyser project
  • After recharging, ‘spent’ Ni is sold to dealers for normal use
  • If all world’s energy was made with eCat, it would only consume some percentage point of current annual Ni production
  • No foreseeable showstoppers
  • Hopes for exponential development, liking that to the growth of the computer industry from a business tool in 1995 to the proliferation throughout the world where households began to buy them
  • The cost of $1,000 to $2,000 per KW facility and $0.01 per KWH should help make this the game-changer Dennis Bushnell talked of

The mp3 file is here and the EV World article here.

Andrea Rossi Conducts Audio Interview with Bill Moore of EV World

Andrea Rossi was interviewed by Bill Moore, editor-in-chief of on July 11th when Rossi was in Miami, FL. The wide-ranging half hour interview covers a lot of information about the history and mechanics of the E-Cat, and they discuss Rossi’s upcoming plans to commercialize his technology. Rossi is hopeful that he will see exponential …

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