Bob Greenyer: Independent Confirmation of Parkomov Findings

I received the following from Bob Greenyer It appears that I have come across independent confirmation of Dr. Alexander Parkhomov’s findings and even before him (without knowing it). Great thing is, it confirms other parts of his hypothesis, as the method used by the researcher Joe Parr allowed for detection of Electron Capture by gamma […]

“Is the Proton a Plasmoid? (Neutron too?)”: LPP Fusion Paper

Thanks to a reader for sending me a link to an article published by LPP Fusion, a New Jersey company seeking to develop fusion energy generators using a method they describe as “Focus Fusion.” LPP Fusion has just published on their website a paper titled: “Is the Proton a Plasmoid (Neutron too?)” Here is […]

A conversation with ChatGPT about LENR (Eric Petersen)

Thanks to Erik Petersen for posting the following comment and link in the Always On Thread. Erik writes: “We discussed various topics related to LENR (low-energy nuclear reactions) and its potential mechanisms of action. We also talked about the electric sun hypothesis, the Safire project, and LPPFusion. We touched on the potential implications of LENR […]

Aureon Energy Update

Thanks to Gerard McEk for posting this following communication from Aureon Energy in the Always Open thread: It seems Aureon is progressing further and they seem to concentrate on transmuting Radium into other more benign elements. Short video’s on their website reveal just a little bit more and are interesting to look at. Maybe Bob […]

Pico Clusters and Electron Screening (Axil Axil)

The following comment was submitted by Axil Axil I now introduce a possible explanation about how the Pico cluster amplifies electron screening of the nucleus to enable fusion at ambient temperatures to occur. When a large aggregation of electrons form, this aggregation extracts energy from the Higgs field that is rendered as electron mass and […]

Rossi: EMF Detector for Livestream

Here are a couple of posts from Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about using an EMF detector in the room where the E-Cat SKLep SSM streaming is originating from. When he says ‘tomorrow’ I beleive that would refer to today (Sunday March 19th) Andrea Rossi March 18, 2023 at 12:11 PM Dear […]

Registration open for ICCF-15 in Szczecin, Poland, Aug 27-31

Registration for ICCF-15 is now open. This year the meeting will be held in Szczecin, Poland from August 27-31. Registration is also available for virtual attendees. Link to the event website is here: Authors who wish to contribute papers can do so by submitting proposals by April 1st, 2023. The main topics that will […]

E. Hy. Claims Autonomous Hydrogen Energy System

The following post was submitted by Domenico Canino Dear Frank and friends, i am happy to give a good new: Free and green energy from Italy. Eng. Marco Bertelli has patented an innovative hydrogen cell, with two titanium plates, which allows us to have energy at very low cost and to free ourselves from electricity […]

Video: Randell Mills Presents at Global Energy Meet

Below is a video of Brilliant Light Power CEO Randell Mills making a presentation at the Global Energy Meet that was held March 6th-10th of this year in Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston Marriot Newton. The event was sponsored by the United Scientific Group which is a non-profit interested in advances in the energy industry. […]

Submit Questions about the E-Cat SKLep SSM

Here is an opportunity for people who are interested in the E-Cat SKLep SSM livestream to submit questions directly to Andrea Rossi. Questions should be submitted at this link: Click here to submit your question. Questions will be collected and sent to Andrea Rossi in batches. Questions and answers will be published on this page […]

E-Cat SKLep SSM Livestream To Start Today (March 13, 2023)

I am sure that most readers will be aware that today, March 13, 2023, Leonardo Corporation has announced that a livestream of the E-Cat SKLep SSM will begin at 8:00 a.m. US Eastern time. Some information about the livestream and the SKLep SSM have been provided in this press release: The livestream will be […]

University of Rochester Reports Superconductivity at Room Temperature

The University of Rochester (in New York) has announced a breakthrough in the goal to enable superconductivity at room temperature. Superconductivity has previously been possible at only extremely low temperatures. In a news release published on March 8th 2023 they stated the following: “University of Rochester researchers have created a superconducting material at both a […]

Interview With Andrea Rossi, March 6, 2023

Below is an interview I conducted via Skype with Andrea Rossi on March 6, 2023. Because his Italian accent is quite strong and sometimes difficult to understand I have made subtitles for the interview. There are few places where I wasn’t able to fully undestand all his words, but I gave it my best educated […]