E-cat Is Up To Something Big

Andrea Rossi‚Äôs e-cat seems to have set on the right path towards commercialization after the 10k list confirmation. Interestingly enough, just a couple of days after Rossi’s announcement about the finalization of the list, The Journal of Nuclea…

eCat: A Week In The Media Reviewed

Well, that was quite a week.After over 10 months we’ve now seen the eCat break through into the mainstream awareness. In the past week alone, we’ve seen the eCat go from relative obscurity to being covered in some of the larger and well-known mainstrea…

Fox Fingers First eCat Buyer

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Update – Sterling Allan from Peswiki denies Fox has quoted him accurately. We obviously need to be wary of any guesses without confirmation, but perhaps we also need to be even more cautious following Peswiki’s rebuttal which is covered in the next post. Read the following with that in mind: High on the shortlist of […]

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