E-Cat Provides Real Opportunity to Replace the Current Nuclear Power Plant

The nuclear power is facing a crisis of confidence following the Fukushima nuclear disaster earlier this year. Hardly surprisingly, the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster has caused the Japanese government to rethink the country’s nuclear policy. Last week, Japan’s Prime minister Naoto Kan told a news conference that Japan will “seek a society that …

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Greek Government Agencies Involved in Testing of Defkalion’s Hyperion Products

One of the key hurdles for any company to clear when introducing a new technology is to receive authorization from government and other regulation bodies to allow products into the marketplace. This is especially important when dealing with energy technology, since so much attention is paid to safety and environmental impacts of energy production. Defkalion …

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Greece’s Moment of Destiny: How the E-Cat Could Change the Nation’s Fortunes — and the World’s

There’s been quite a lot of discussion by people following the E-Cat story about the lack of attention that is being paid to Andrea Rossi’s technology. Rossi himself has said that he would have preferred not to have publicized his work until October when his 1 MW plant is revealed, but he went public earlier …

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