Defkalion Board

Another snip from DGT’s forum. We have mini bios for the following Board Members: Directors: George Sortikos, born 1942 – Chairman Engineer. Ex banker and industrialist (high tech ceramics). Ex president of the state owned Greek Industrial Investment Bank (ETBA) in 80-90s and founder of Omega Bank.(90s) George Xanthoulis, born in 1987 – Deputy Chairman, […]

Defkalion And eCat Beyond Heavy Petting

Referencing the following video interviews, we learn through a forum question that Defkalion is  making more than the ‘boiler parts’ of Hyperion but also the eCat reactor, too. As suspected from earlier DGT comments, their involvement with the heart of the eCat appears to be extensive, once more nailing the idea that they have made […]

…And Another Thing!

I started eCatNews, dismayed by the mud clouding the subject of Rossi’s eCat. Much of that is down to the nature of the beast, the extraordinary claim and the reality of business vs science. With no seat at the table, I could remain impartial, posting the good and bad without favour. In preparing for the task, I waded through an avalanche of material. I thought Steven Krivit’s ballsy approach to

Greece’s Moment of Destiny: How the E-Cat Could Change the Nation’s Fortunes — and the World’s

There’s been quite a lot of discussion by people following the E-Cat story about the lack of attention that is being paid to Andrea Rossi’s technology. Rossi himself has said that he would have preferred not to have publicized his work until October when his 1 MW plant is revealed, but he went public earlier …

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