3rd Party Report Prerelease, Updated Oct 9.

The long awaited 3rd party report has been published, but not formally.  We don’t exactly know what the hold up is.  The bottom line: 3+ COP, and substantial isotope changes! Will this get the LENR revolution started?  I doubt it, but it is progress.  I am still of the mind that the world will stay […]

Discouraging news

Our friends at NyTeknik report: Swedish investment in E-cat halted after test They state (through Google Translate): Investors would invest 65 million in the UK company Hydro Fusion driven by four Swedes. The Company has a commercial license agreement with the inventor of E-cat, Italian Andrea Rossi. The condition was a new measure that could verify the […]

Defending Rossi

I know, I’m the only man on campus willing to defend Rossi’s recent statements as presented by An inspector from the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control. However, I am doing so. I got an e-mail from Stirling Allen which stated: Liar Rossi Tells Florida Bureau He Has No Factory, No Nuclear Reactions – An inspector from […]

Skepticism, a cost-benefit analysis

Most of us do not believe that “absolute proof” has yet been provided for Rossi’s e-cat technology. One way or the other, it will be soon. One of the next few Rossi customers will be willing to go public with it, or customers will be returning product. So we are confronted with a simple question, […]

If Replication is the Holy Grail …

If replication is the holy grail then it is time for skeptics, including those well versed in science, to jump on board. At this website: you will read: Apparently he [Dr. George Miley, University of Illinois] has been successfully replicating the Patterson cell results, and has extensive experimental data, and proposes a theory explaining Rossi/Patterson Ni-light […]

A Case for Rossi

There seems to be a lot of skepticism about the e-cat.  Skeptics point to the fact that formal science hasn’t been done (  Skeptics point to imperfections in Rossi’s history, as if everyone who discovers new technology must live the life of a saint.  Skeptics point to the issues of secrecy.  I agree that the […]

The aha moment

“Now that this first customer has signed off on this technology, and Rossi will be receiving funds, he can pay the half million needed for the University of Bologna and Uppsala University to begin doing their tests, which will take 2 years.” Now we understand fully why Rossi hasn’t followed the scientific model. That, […]

What can we do to help the technology spread?

By Bob Norman: I thought publicity was key and spreading the word to build a wave of public sentiment would be the thing to do. I asked Rossi in his blog if he was inviting Main Stream Media to his 1 MW demonstration and he said no, publicity was the last thing he wants. I […]