No Weaponization For The E-Cat

The E-Cat, a powerful source of heat for industrial applications and the production of steam, stands to be a significant player in the energy market. It has supposed to be capable of generating…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

Is E-Cat Technology Fail Safe?

The term “fail safe” may be unfamiliar to members of the younger generation. However, other baby boomers like we grew up with movies, novels, and nightmares about the threat of nuclear disaster. Our…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Cat…

Trouble for Andrea Rossi and His E-Cat

Andrea Rossi, the inventor and organizer of the E-Cat LENR or cold Fusion thermal energy production device has a new problem.  It looks like another tempest of vague grounds. Steven Krivit, the sometimes to some folks notorious writer of heavily biased opinion on cold fusion and once in a while other energy fields broke out […]

Defkalion: Hyperion Reaction Occurs In Bursts

Defkalion gives us a number of tantalising clues about the mechanism behind their claims for Hyperion. Such detail should provide food for technical puzzle addicts. A multi stage process appears to begin by generating atomic Hydrogen from H2. Once the switch is thrown on this stage, the reactor appears to be primed for action. A […]

LENR is widely replicated and the answer to our prayers

I found this gem comment the other day while doing some background on LENR: “I do not think it is “amazing that the media has not paid more attention to” Rossi. His claims seem astounding. They resemble those of many previous energy scams. Reporters and scientists dismiss Rossi for this reason. I would dismiss … Continue reading LENR is widely replicated and the answer to our prayers