Andrea Rossi – The Trillion Dollar Man

In the future movie ‘Rossi – The Trillion Dollar Man’ the past few months will feature blood on the sand and we will learn the Hollywood version of what the hell was really going on and where it ultimately leads. Yesterday we got a hint of the backroom turmoil behind the brief comments we read […]

Rossi Explains Defkalion’s Financial Fault

Answering a question on his blog, Andrea Rossi has given more details about the split from Defkalion. He explains that the issue has been dragging for months, Defkalion failing to meet some financial obligation before delivery of the 1MW unit. On first read this might seem to contradict his statement regarding payment only after delivery […]

Defkalion Press Release

Ny Teknik has posted a press release said to come from Defkalion. At this moment, for some reason it is not on their site. If not for Ny Teknik, I would be worried that it might be a fake but Ny Teknik received it by email and their channels have proven reliable in the past. […]

$30 eCat Recharge per 180 Days

Some time ago, Andrea Rossi said that he expected a six month eCat recharge to be around $100 a pop. He was talking about the mid-sized version – and I thought then that such a price was both extraordinarily low and likely to change with commercial realities. When Defkalion commented on their forum that each […]

Defkalion Picks 1MW Testers

Today we learn that AR’s customer has nominated the scientists destined to test the 1MW plant in October. I take this to mean Defkalion as that particular plant is specifically built for them. Andrea Rossi July 31st, 2011 at 2:59 AM Dear Roger Hill, Thank you for your suggestion: the Scientists nominated by our Customer […]

Nobel Physicist Invited to Test 1MW Plant

Brian Josephson, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist, asked a question on Andrea Rossi’s blog about the quality of the 1MW demonstration in October. He has been a defender of true research in the LENR field, frequently challenging debunkers to back up their objections with logic instead of repeating the same one-sided attacks so often a signature […]

Goverment Test To Make E-Cat Home Secure

Cold fusion has stirred general public fascination, has gained controversies and has made scientific brains think more. At the same time gaining popularity, alongside with the cold fusion scientific process is definitely the phrase hyperion. Hyperion i…

1MW eCat to Self Sustain?

In a bit of a bombshell moment, an apparent casual answer to a question about a photo on evworld, we learn from Andrea Rossi that advances in safety and control may lead to the 1MW plant being run in self-sustain mode. While any such advance would be an exciting development, it does not speak to […]

Defkalion Green Technologies Interview

XanthiPress (a newspaper local to the region in Greece where Defkalion Green Technologies will run their first three factories) interviewed the President of the company, Alekos Xanthoulis The reporter said that it was initially difficult to get Defkalion to talk but that since the company themselves gave an impressive view of how important the technology […]

Andrea Rossi a Lone Fraudster? Francesco Cavaliere June 19th, 2011 at 3:42 AM Dear Mr. Rossi, Personally I think we are in front of a major breakthrough in energy production and most likely a Nobel price too. I work for an important semiconductor company and it would be a great pleasure for us to initiate a co-operation with your […]