Ecatreport: Defkalion GT and Ampenergo to Meet with NASA to Discuss E-Cat Development

Ecatreport recently met with Andrea Rossi and conducted an interview regarding about his E-Cat technology and the upcoming launch of his technology. Rossi brings up many interesting details which explain how he, along with his commercial partners Defkalion and Ampenergo are positioning themselves to rapidly introduce E-Cat technology. While Defkalion and Ampenergo have exclusive rights …

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Andrea Rossi Interview 2

The second part of ecatreport’s interview is posted and once more we get some interesting highlights:   The Hyperion can have up to 5 eCats in it (4-5KW each) giving a conservative product range of about 4-20KW The bulk of applications have not been developed yet 1MW plant (in 20′ container) weighs 5 tonnes Looking […]

Defkalion Green Technologies to Negotiate About Awarding Licenses Potential Hyperion Manufacturing Partners

An email apparently from Defkalion Green Technologies (DGT) to potential manufacturing partners has been posted on Vortex-l outlining the process by which DGT will be awarding licenses to manufacturers to produce its E-Cat based Hyperion products. Some interesting points come out from the email: There will be one company chosen per country as a “country …

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Defkalion Call For Partners?

I am slightly wary of posting this because it has not been verified by Defkalion GT as genuine yet (and it is only one person saying he/she received it). It was posted on their forum and they have not denied it so perhaps it is real. No doubt, if it is not, they will jump […]

A Few Hyperion & eCat Technical Details

Forum member, Dave, asked some excellent questions on the Defkalion forum and got this reply:   Questions for defkalion: 1) Recently I have seen posters suggesting that the Ni-H core is operating at a temperature that results in melting of the Ni. Is this true?.That is not true. Please refer to the answer of your […]

Hyperion Roll-Out Expansion

We’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating as Defkalion does in answering a question yesterday:   1. Do Defkalion GT intend to open offices in other countries to oversee the roll out of the tech? Defkalion Green Technologies Global-Praxen has plans to roll out the technology of Hyperions through co-operations with third parties interested […]

Greek Government Agencies Involved in Testing of Defkalion’s Hyperion Products

One of the key hurdles for any company to clear when introducing a new technology is to receive authorization from government and other regulation bodies to allow products into the marketplace. This is especially important when dealing with energy technology, since so much attention is paid to safety and environmental impacts of energy production. Defkalion …

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…And Another Thing!

I started eCatNews, dismayed by the mud clouding the subject of Rossi’s eCat. Much of that is down to the nature of the beast, the extraordinary claim and the reality of business vs science. With no seat at the table, I could remain impartial, posting the good and bad without favour. In preparing for the task, I waded through an avalanche of material. I thought Steven Krivit’s ballsy approach to