Frank Acland of E-Cat World on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast

Frank Acland started on April 4 in the year 2011 after Andrea Rossi had performed a public demonstration of his nickel-hydrogen-based steam generator named the Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat. “A Focardi-Rossi news conference was late in January of that year, and I became aware of it through some friends. I just got interested in …

Mats Lewan Interview: E-Cat, Andrea Rossi, & An Impossible Invention

Journalist Mats Lewan requires little introduction for most people familiar with the Andrea Rossi story, but just in case here is a quick summary for the uninitiated: Mats holds a masters degree in physics, and is recognized as a world-renowned science & technology reporter. He writes for the Swedish newspaper NyTeknik, where he has been covering both cold fusion … Continue reading Mats Lewan Interview: E-Cat, Andrea Rossi, & An Impossible Invention

Defkalion Interview

When Defkalion GT promised to deliver details of their independent tests some months ago, I admit to a certain frisson of excitement at the time. It appeared to me that the company would gain nothing by making such a specific promise if it had no substance. When nothing came of it (so far) that excitement […]

New Andrea Rossi Interview has posted a new interview from our enigmatic Italian inventor. The following comes from James Stafford (thank you, James). The full interview is here. Some of the questions we asked Mr. Rossi take a look at: • Why it took so long for him to go public with his discovery. • How the E-Cat […]

Andrea Rossi interview of March 12, 2012

 The following is a further posting in a series of articles by David French, a patent attorney with 35 years experience, which will review issues of interest in the field of Cold Fusion. On March 12, 2012 Ruby Carat of ColdFusionNow personally interviewed Andrea Rossi in his home in Florida. That interview is available in … Continue reading Andrea Rossi interview of March 12, 2012

Frank Acland Interviews Andrea Rossi

Frank over at e-catworld conducted an interview with Andrea Rossi at the weekend. I sympathise with him as the recording gremlins got involved and stole the audio. I have no doubt, however, that his post will reflect was was said. The most interesting aspect was AR’s claim that the German engineering firm, Siemens AG demonstrated […] Interviews Andrea Rossi

This just in from I’l let it speak for itself as there is little we do not already think we know.: The team behind traveled to Bologna on the 12th of January and we got an exclusive interview with Andrea Rossi. Here are the main points: The ECAT Home unit (domestic E-Cat) will […]

Home Depot eCat $1.5K?

In an interview on Cash Flow Radio, Andrea Rossi tells us that the target price to the customer of a 10kW – 20kW eCat is $1,000 to $1,500 and that running it should be one sixth of the equivalent average household spend.

According to the inventor, the company is discussing a possible distribution deal with Home Depot and that he expects domestic accreditation and sales to begin in Autumn this year.

He further claims that he and a number of staff members are running eCats at home right now, collecting data as part of the ongoing preparations for the home version launch. The lower estimated cost follows earlier statements citing help from partners which allowed them to improve the system design and mass production and confirms that the production levels will be in the millions.

While having a discussion with Home Depot means just that, it is a measure of the scale of his plans for the home device should it receive its certification. At this point, I have to wonder at the price quoted. I imagine that HD and distributipn will take up to 50% of the final tag. Perhaps the $500 spread takes that into account.

With each step, the eCat story is moving away from the so-called typical free energy path. By naming specific organisations, it gives that company an opportunity to deny or distance itself from AR. That was the case with National Instruments and they responded by stepping forward and not back. It will be interesting to get Home Depot’s reaction. To the journalists among you; here is a spin on the story to give it teeth.

Listen to the full interview here

[With thanks to Married 2 My Yugo (lol), Pekka Janhunan and Arian]

Another Rossi Interview

EVWorld, the publication responsible for the well-known Bushnell interview, has conducted another, this time featuring Andrea Rossi. The mp3 file is behind a paywall with an annual fee of $45 but Alan Fletcher on Vortex has posted a loose and partial summary of the interview.

Points of note are:

Rossi said that the reason for cutting back the power was because some gaskets were leaking, due to the high internal temperatures.

The 1MW plants will be used in remote locations.

The 10kW list is intended to find out if they can factor in economy of scale.

He is working with NI to move away from the current manual control. Tentative deduction that NI is actively involved with design of instrumentation to gain better control and stability [as opposed to working to a spec handed to them by Rossi – this is not certain]

Rapid evolution possible but he doesn’t see a big improvement in the core.

Need 500C steam for electrical. At 120C steam the inside temperature is too high .. not a very stable situation.

Business plan:    Short term (1-2 years) more 1MW Orders. Middle-term – Mobility – Ships, Trains. Automobiles will be much longer.

He met with Tarr. Mass wants jobs and there are good technical workers available.  Good seed for future talks.

Current wait time is 4 months for a 1MW.

More on Vortex



Prof Focardi Talks eCat

An interview with Professor Sergio Focardi is posted on the Italian blog, 22passi. The translation is well worth reading as there are a few technical details that are always good to hear again. The most interesting of those was in respect to the catalyst. Various people have guessed that it might split molecular Hydrogen into […]

Another Andrea Rossi Interview

EV World, the journal behind NASA’s Dennis Bushnell interview has followed up with a 30 minute talk with Andrea Rossi. These near-hand accounts are great, making the man behind the hype flesh and putting flesh on our understanding of the eCat and AR’s claims.

Some takeaways are as follows:

  • Andrea Rossi was one of many who tried and failed to replicate the Pons & Fleischmann result in 1989
  • Although unsuccessful, it sowed a seed in his mind
  • He is happy with the term LENR
  • Until 2007, he experimented around the subject as he ran other businesses
  • Reaching a critical point, he needed to decide if it was worth the risk of concentrating full time – 16 hours a day
  • He asked Prof Focardi to look at his ideas and tell him why it would not work
  • Prof Focardi could not do so
  • At this point (July 2007) he decided to try make a useful product
  • Knowing that if it worked there would be radiation, he hired Prof Focardi as a safety measure
  • Focardi did this and also helped him understand how to thermalize the operational radiation
  • He built a 20KW device and installed it in his factory, heating it for around a year ( 5 months are cold and winter is v cold)
  • The factory is now sold along with everything else to fund the energy catalyser project
  • After recharging, ‘spent’ Ni is sold to dealers for normal use
  • If all world’s energy was made with eCat, it would only consume some percentage point of current annual Ni production
  • No foreseeable showstoppers
  • Hopes for exponential development, liking that to the growth of the computer industry from a business tool in 1995 to the proliferation throughout the world where households began to buy them
  • The cost of $1,000 to $2,000 per KW facility and $0.01 per KWH should help make this the game-changer Dennis Bushnell talked of

The mp3 file is here and the EV World article here.