Andrea Rossi Takes Inspiration From The JONP

The Journal of Nuclear Physics is an open forum in which physicists, scientists, inventors, and any knowledgeable person interested in the field of nuclear physics. There have been, and continue to be some lively discussions on the forum, some of which get very technical in nature. This is also the forum in which Andrea Rossi […]

98 Year Old Still Advises Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi expressed his regrets over the loss of his friend and advisor, Sergio Focardi, a few weeks ago. Although Mr. Focardi had semi-retired, he was still a frequent advisor to the developments in E-Cat and Hot Cat technology. Mr. Rossi often said that when he had issues with safety of the devices, Mr. Focardi […]

E-Cat Stream Updates

After all of the excitement about the release of third party reports concerning the E-Cat, the community has encountered a lull in information. Andrea Rossi said, back at the beginning of summer, that…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catal…

Photos of E-Cat Delivery Released

Photos of the E-Cat units being delivered have been posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. One set of the photos are of the shipping container sitting in a warehouse and as it…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

Pending 3rd Party Validators

As the third party validation is pending public release, it felt appropriate to go a little back in time to the beginning of 2013 to follow-up on the 3rd party test and try…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

ICCF 18 Conference Coming Up

The University of Missouri, partnered with Purdue University, is hosting the ICCF-18, or, The 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion. This year’s conference will be held from July 21 through July 27, 2013. The last conference was held last August in South Korea, and in India for the first time in 2011. The first conference […]

Centralized Controls For The E-Cats

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, recently, there have been several commenters interested in the concept of a “bigger” E-Cat. That is to say, some people think that an E-Cat should be able…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

Defkalion Rossi Divorce

This is extremely disturbing.

A recent rumour has been doing the rounds implying that the agreement between Andrea Rossi and Defkalion has been terminated. This has now been confirmed by AR on his blog. On it’s own, this is a bomb that should shake anyone’s confidence in the façade that has been built around the eCat. Absent proof, much has been made of circumstantial evidence (here and elsewhere). An important part of that evidence centred on Defkalion’s involvement and the comments they made on their forum.