Michael McKubre at ICCF-21

LENR consultant and former Director of Energy Research at SRI International Michael McKubre presented at the 21st International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins Colorado. The five-day conference ran June 3-8, 2018 and featured multiple groups reporting solid results in the generation of excess heat and transmutations. …

Cold Fusion Now! podcast with Michael McKubre

The second in our series surveying the cold fusion landscape features Dr. Michael McKubre, former Director of Energy Research at SRI International, previously Stanford Research Institute, where there continues an-almost-thirty-years program of experimental research in LENR/cold fusion. Dr. McKubre semi-retired to New Zealand in March 2016, and is currently consulting informally with several international research …

“One of the greatest contributions made to science”

Portrait of Martin Fleischmann by Winston August 2012 Infinite Energy Magazine Issue #117 highlights the new book Developments in Electrochemistry Science Inspired by Martin Fleischmann with the chapter on cold fusion written by veteran Navy scientist Melvin Miles and Michael McKubre, Director Energy Research Lab at SRI International, both of whom collaborated with Martin Fleischmann … Continue reading “One of the greatest contributions made to science”

Aether the Theory of Relativity and LENR Energy

“We may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities.      -In this sense-        -Therefore-   There exists an ether.” – Albert Einstein     Way Back In 1989, the popular yet controversial Cold Fusion ‘Fleischmann and Pons Effect’, challenged the notions of theoretical physicists of the … Continue reading Aether the Theory of Relativity and LENR Energy

LENR In New Scientist

The periodical New Scientist featured a story about LENR at the end of August. This is somewhat remarkable because LENR and cold fusion have been pretty much ignored by the more “serious” scientific…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Cat…

The Graph that Changed the World

In 1989, Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons announced results of their largely self-financed research into palladium-deuterium electrolytic systems. In one of the early patent applications, they included a graph documenting the surprising increase in temperature of a cell over time. This graph is taken from Dr. Michael McKubre‘s public talk What happened to cold […]

SRI International: “What happened to cold fusion?”

Dr. Michael McKubre, long-time researcher in cold fusion from the SRI lab in Menlo Park, California speaks to the public on the subject at Cafe Scientifique. This is the first of eight separate Youtubes, all entitled “What happened to cold fusion?” Dr. McKubre describes two main branches of the science, electro-chemical palladium-dueterium PD-D and nickel-hydrogen … Continue reading SRI International: “What happened to cold fusion?”