LENR Meets HENR in Turin

A unique conference will begin tomorrow in Turin, Italy, entitled the “The Atom Unexplored.”  This conference will be unique because it will explore both low energy nuclear reactions and high energy nuclear reactions, with the former being covered…

New (?) Piantelli group patent

The title of a patent application recently filed by the Piantelli group has been revealed on the Italian Patent and Trademark Office website: metodo e apparato per generare energia mediante reazioni nucleari di idrogeno adsorbito per cattura orbitale da una nanostruttura cristallina di un metallo That is, “Method and Apparatus for Generating Energy through Nuclear […]

More on Nichenergy

We have recently learned of another company that has been established to commercialize technology based on a nickel-hydrogen reaction, Nichenergy. This company is founded by Francesco Piantelli and some of his associates and appears to be gearing up to compete with Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology. A thread was recently started at the Italian site Energetic …

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Rossi and Others Participate in Cold Fusion Conference — Competitor to Rossi Emerges (Nichenergy)

A meeting was held on Saturday, July 23  in Viareggio, Italy on the topic of cold fusion in which Andrea Rossi (via Skype) and others involved in cold fusion research gathered to discuss the status of the research and development in the field. Rossi reported that  is work is going smoothly and the 1MW plant …

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Soon Able to Invest in Piantelli

For some time now, rumours have been circulating about Professor Focardi’s former collaboration partner, Professor Piantelli. Focardi and Piantelli were the first to show the true potential of Ni-H LENR. Preferring to work beyond the limelight, he is seen as a diligent scientist working methodically towards the goal of understanding and perfecting a method of […]

Roy Virgilio releases more details on Piantelli’s research

In the wake of Saturday’s cold fusion conference in Viareggio, Italy, Roy Virgilio has released more details on the Piantelli group’s research on the Italian renewable energy forum EnergeticAmbiente. Virgilio is an administrator on the forum with the username eroyka. Akira Shirakawa has provided an English translation on the Vortex mailing list here and here. … Continue reading Roy Virgilio releases more details on Piantelli’s research

Viareggio Cold Fusion conference: science, politics, and an Italian competitor

A conference titled “Has cold fusion become a reality?” was held at 4:00 PM July 23 at Villa Borbone in Viareggio, Italy. The conference was hosted by Italian solar energy company Delta Energie. Among the participants were Andrea Rossi via Skype; his research partner, retired University of Bologna physicist Sergio Focardi, via a pre-recorded presentation; … Continue reading Viareggio Cold Fusion conference: science, politics, and an Italian competitor