Better Zurich eCat Video

If, like me, you struggled to hear the Zurich live feed over the weekend, you will thank Sterling Allan for the following videos. There are two but I will only embed one in fairness to Sterling and to encourage you to visit his site. Even though I watched the whole thing on both days, I […]

Secrecy, Leaks And The Hot-Cat

The cold fusion and LENR world has been in turmoil lately because of some information leaked about Andrea Rossi’s Hot Cat. Rossi has repeatedly rebuffed any efforts of people to get information –…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

Validity of the E-Cat Reaffirmed

In case that there are still people pondering on cold fusion without having decided whether to become a skeptic or supporter, the announcement by both National Instrument and Leonardo Corporation should give them…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the …

Rossi Tells PESN That He Has Sold Home to Finance E-Cat Launch

Andrea Rossi has been quite open about the financial challenges he has been facing lately, particularly following the split with Defkalion Green Technologies which took place after they were apparently unable to meet contractual financial obligations. PESN contacted Rossi and asked if they might be able to arrange for a way for people to donate …

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