LENR and the U.S. Election

The amount of energy that has been flowing on the previous thread has inspired me to turn it into a post. My short opinion is this — if LENR gets heard above the noise before the November election, then how the news is played out by the various parties may make or break the election […]

Mr. Rossi, Defkalion, you could save Europe!

I Just read this headline: Europe’s economic joker: cheap energy. The article basically says that Europe has a significant untapped supply of cheap shale gas.  It goes on to make a compelling case that the cheap energy could rescue Europe from its economic plight.  But LENR could as well, and could do so more quickly than […]

Defending Rossi

I know, I’m the only man on campus willing to defend Rossi’s recent statements as presented by An inspector from the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control. However, I am doing so. I got an e-mail from Stirling Allen which stated: Liar Rossi Tells Florida Bureau He Has No Factory, No Nuclear Reactions – An inspector from […]

Horton hears a what?

Dr. Zeus wrote a story about an elephant who heard a community of very small creatures living on a flower.  His friends didn’t believe him.  So all of the “Whos” got together and shouted at one time.  They still were not heard by anyone but Horton.  Alas, they found one non-participating Who, and tried again.  […]

I Repent, the Boogeyman is here!

A month ago I wrote a post entitled “The Boogeyman is coming” where I argued that there is no boogeyman, that the reason all previous free energy attempts failed was that they simply didn’t work.  However I am  now seeing the boogeyman attempting to squelch the e-cat right before my eyes. When the AP reporter […]

What can we do to help the technology spread?

By Bob Norman: I thought publicity was key and spreading the word to build a wave of public sentiment would be the thing to do. I asked Rossi in his blog if he was inviting Main Stream Media to his 1 MW demonstration and he said no, publicity was the last thing he wants. I […]