The Sneering Collective – Part One

When Pons and Fleischmann made their announcement, they were instant heroes riding in from nowhere to save the world. Soon, whispers of doubt turned to accusations of fraud and a barrage of insults that must have been hard to take from their freshly painted pedestal. That has always puzzled me. Assuming that most scientists do […]

eCat Question For Italian Parliament

Word of Andrea Rossi’s eCat continues to spread.  In December we learned that Mitt Romney was  likely briefed on cold fusion. We know that Senator Bruce Tarr and candidate Randy Hekman were interested enough to talk about it in public. Now the eCat is  raising its head in the Italian Parliament, courtesy of  ELISABETTA ZAMPARUTTI […]

Dick Smith LENR Prize

Dick Smith, the Australian entrepreneur and a doyen of the Aussie Skeptics’ Society, recently offered $1m to anyone who could prove they had a LENR device capable of producing an output of 1kW or over. Asked to formalise this offer, he has now set up a website to do just that. To set the challenge […]

eCat Chatters

As though orchestrated by Rossi himself, the volume of reasonable and unreasonable criticism of his claims has intensified recently. The measure of reason will differ from person to person and I try to steer a productive conversation by encouraging all views even when I disagree with them. It is somewhat ironic that AR denigrates the chatterers […]

$29.5 Billion requested by DoE; $0 for cold fusion

The Department of Energy DoE released their FY2012 Congressional Budget Request Budget Highlights. download .pdf “The Department’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 budget request is $29.5 billion, an 11.8 percent or $3.1 billion increase from FY 2010 current appropriation levels.” “The central theme of this year’s budget in SC [Office of Science] is research in new … Continue reading $29.5 Billion requested by DoE; $0 for cold fusion

ARPA-E answers questions about fullfilling mission

The House Committee on Space, Science, and Technology’s Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight held a hearing on January 24, 2012 to review the efforts of the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), a Department of Energy (DOE) agency tasked with ‘funding cutting-edge energy research “in areas that industry by itself is not likely to … Continue reading ARPA-E answers questions about fullfilling mission

Zawodny on NASA: Full Support For Project

Updated:   NASA scientist Joe Zawodny was at centre stage a few days ago, first for his star role in NASA’s first public-facing video extolling the real potential of cold fusion and then for posting a personal reply on his blog that appeared (as some interpreted it) an attempt to dampen over zealous extrapolations from […]

Wired UK On Rossi, eCat, Hyperion & Defkalion

In one of the most upbeat and detailed articles yet in mainstream media, Wired UK talks about the mystery, intrigue and possibilities surrounding Andrea Rossi’s eCat. It is well written and maintains a healthy scepticism, focusing for some part on the rise of the ephemeral Defkalion. There are a couple of minor errors such as […]

Randy Hekman: Energy America’s Next Space Race

The following post is copied from LENR champion and US Senate Candidate, Randy Hekman’s blog. Having this entry front and centre on a politician’s campaign profile is a big step forward for LENR science. He takes a swipe at DOE and calls for business to take the lead. Not surprising, coming from the blue corner. […]

US Senate Candidate on LENR and Rossi’s eCat

Ruby Carat at Cold Fusion Now has posted an interview with US Senate candidate Randy Hekman about LENR. A long-time advocate of the science, I’m not sure we can count his support as evidence of a growing awareness in the same way we might think of Romney and Tarr’s apparent interest. No stranger to subject, […]

US Senate candidate Randy Hekman puts LENR first

December 29, 2010 Energy: America’s Next Space Race READ NOW. The Michigan US Senate race includes over half-a-dozen Republicans vying for Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow’s long-held seat, but only one has LENR on their platform. Former Juvenile Court Judge Randy Hekman states his energy policy on the campaign website 8. Energy: The simple reality […]

SPAWAR Cold Fusion Research At Risk

The following post is Jed Rothwell’s from the Vortex list. I hope he does not mind me copying it here but I thought it important enough to encourage others to read it. The question arises: Do we believe that SPAWAR’s research was valid? Do we believe that the subject is of critical importance? If the […]

eCat Undercurrent

Over the past few weeks a handful of cold fusion articles have surfaced in the backwaters of mainstream media including, among others, Fox news and Forbes. With AP keeping its powder dry, the reluctance to give this story the weight it deserves appeared destined to continue until some new facet of the plot broke through […]

Presidential Candidate Hopes For Cold Fusion – Update

UPDATE (See end of post) A little over two weeks ago, we were talking about Andrea Rossi’s invitation from Senator Bruce Tarr to visit Boston to explore the possibility of eCat manufacturing in Massachusetts. Reading the tealeaves, it seems that Tarr maintained a healthy touch of scepticism but even so, the invitation was remarkable and […]

NASA Presentations – At Last!

One thing I’ll say for Stephen Krivit – he gets off his backside and pushes buttons. I may not like his subjective and skewed attack-dog style but he gets things done.  The following three pdf’s were released to him under the Freedom of Information Act. I cannot understand why this had to be forced from […]