Update On New E-Cat Plant

The first E-Cat plant built for civilian use was shipped from Italy about 2 months ago. It traveled by ship to the U.S., where delivery was accepted. According to Andrea Rossi, the plant…E-Cat Report – getting ready for the Energy Catalyzer

This should be useful

Here is a report of a solid-state technology that converts heat to electricity with 20% efficiency: Sure looks useful to me. <— To main blog

Brillouin better get a move on

Robert Godes, ”Understanding how LENR works will enable us to be first.” This from our most reliable source, pesn.  However, Godes’ case is that though Rossi has claimed the sale of a 1Mw plant, delivery has not been confirmed.  Further he has hardly released a commercial product — or even proven conclusively that he has a […]

Need a job?

Defkalion is hiring. (Thanks to Free Energy Truth for putting me on to this.) Now that said, I am more than a little disappointed that Defkalion has not released independent test data yet.  They did promise to do so by the end of April.   However, hiring production managers, etc. is certainly consistent with an intent to […]

Rossi: Titanic Step For eCat Production

Today, Andrea Rossi talks about a titanic step forward, crediting a lucky idea and the capability of his new partner for allowing fast scaling of volume and a consequential low price that will kill competition. It’s true that we must put this in context as a ‘Rossi Says’ but I find it particularly interesting because […]